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  • It was a Spangled Drongo - yes that's its name! - dicrurus bracteatus
    By Bernieh
  • Robin
    By Catfinch
  • Still lots of water around - Welcome Swallow on roadside guidepost.
    By Bernieh
  • Water is everywhere and attracting lots of birdlife.
    By Bernieh
  • A Black Cockatoo on a street light post.
    By Bernieh
  • Now that it's stopped raining there are birds in the garden again.
    By Bernieh
  • The sunbirds are also out and about again!
    By Bernieh
  • The honeyeater birds are out looking for nectar again!
    By Bernieh
  • Another honeyeater spotted out and about today!
    By Bernieh
  • American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
    By Elke
  • Double-Header !! (Strelitzia reginae (Bird of paradise))
    By Diohio
  • Lapwing
    By Pansypotter