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Photos tagged as "butterfly"

  • On Cornus Controversa Variegata
    By Karensusan63
  • On Buddleia Weyeriana 'Bicolor'
    By Karensusan63
  • Clerodendrum ugandense - Blue Butterfly Bush (Clerodendrum ugandense - Blue Butterfly Bush)
    By Delonix1
  • Polygala Myrtifolia (Polygala Myrtifolia)
    By Meanie
  • Bog garden area
    By Catfinch
  • Japanese Anemone (Anemone hupehensis (Japanese anemone))
    By Catfinch
  • Red Admiral
    By Catfinch
  • Peacock butterfly on bird bath
    By Anchorman
  •  Butterfly (Tortoise shell) 18th September
    By Balcony
  • Small Copper
    By Theoldgunner
  • Common Blue
    By Theoldgunner
  • Mid-Spring Downunder: Common Eggfly Butterfly (Hypolimnas bolina) everywhere in the garden!
    By Bernieh