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Photos tagged as "butterfly"

  • Peacock Butterfly
    By Spennygarden
  • Inachis io
    By Hazy_em
  • Peacock Close up
    By Hazy_em
  • Brimstone Moth
    By Cherryz
  • Buddleja alternifolia ( weeping butterfly bush) planted last summer as a very small bush lots of growth this year and it weeps, but few flowers. (Buddleja alternifolia (Weeping butterfly bush))
    By Drc726
  • The great camouflage
    By Kasy
  • Tortoiseshell Butterfly
    By Karensusan63
  • Buddleja 'Harlequin' (Buddleja davidii (Butterfly bush))
    By Karensusan63
  • Butterfly Cabbage White
    By Neellan
  • Monarch butterfly ....Danaus plexippus - for Jane (Danaus plexippus)
    By Klahanie
  • Dysis lutescens - Butterfly Palm (Dysis lutescens - Butterfly Palm)
    By Delonix1
  • Verbena bonariensis (Verbena bonariensis (Verbena))
    By Kasy