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Photos tagged as "calla"

  • Red callas
    By Poppylover99
  • Calla aethiopica 'Hecules'  (Calla aethiopica 'Hecules')
    By Delonix1
  • Pink Calla Lily
    By Bathgate
  • Calla Lily blossom
    By Lori
  • More blossom
    By Lori
  • Little Green Guy
    By Lori
  • Zantedeschia 'Calla Lily' on living room table 20th May 2017 001 (Zantedeschia)
    By Balcony
  • 'Calla Lily' (Repotted) on living room table 25th May 2017 (Zantedeschia)
    By Balcony
  • 'Calla Lily' in living room 26th May 2017 (Zantedeschia)
    By Balcony
  • Zantedeschia Calla Lilies "Blackberry"  (Zantedeschia Calla Lilies)
    By Gnarly_gnome
  • Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia) flowering on balcony 6th July 2023 002 (Zantedeschia elliottiana (Calla Lily))
    By Balcony
  • Calla Lilies () Zantedeschiaflowering on balcony 6th July 2023 001 (Zantedeschia elliottiana (Calla Lily))
    By Balcony