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Photos tagged as "canary"

  • Dracaena draco - Canary Island Dragon Tree Fruit (Dracaena draco - Canary Island Dragon Tree)
    By Delonix1
  • Canary Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) and  Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata) (Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island date palm), Brahea armata)
    By Delonix1
  • Tall Canary Island Pines (Pinus canariensis) and Rusty Figs  (Ficus rubiginosa) blowing in the Severe Thunderstorms (Canary Island Pines (Pinus canariensis) and Rusty Figs  (Ficus rubiginosa))
    By Delonix1
  • Canary Island Palm with Flowering Agave attenuata (Canary Island Palm, Agave attenuata)
    By Delonix1
  • Crocosmia 'Norwich Canary' (Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora (Montbretia))
    By Shirley_tulip
  • Canary Island Date Palm  (Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island date palm))
    By Outernation..
  • Crocosmia 'Norwich Canary'
    By Shirley_tulip
  • Rose ‘Canary bird’
    By Cariad18
  • Isoplexis canadensis (For my File) (Isoplexis canariensis)
    By Siris