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Photos tagged as "cuttings"

  • Geranium cuttings from last summer (Pelargonium)
    By Majeekahead
  • Greenhouse
    By Treesandthi..
  • A garden flower photo (Pelargonium)
    By Tammielee
  • New Strawberry plants
    By Greenfingers
  • magallenica alba (fuchsia magellenica alba)
    By Islander
  • Harry's African Violet leaf cuttings
    By Treesandthi..
  • Fuchsia cuttings (Fuchsia)
    By Treesandthi..
  • Plant table
    By Gee19
  • aeonium cuneatum cutting in a pot (aeonium cuneatum)
    By Sandra
  • aeonium cuneatum job done (aeonium cuneatum)
    By Sandra
  • first family photo
    By Sandra
  • Syngonium
    By Greenfingers