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Photos tagged as "elder"

  • elder flowers
    By Popeymike
  • Elder "Black Lace"
    By Lorrainenagle
  • Ash - leaf Maple seeds (Acer negundo)
    By Grammazoo
  • Chaffinch in the Elderberry
    By Reebeesfleurs
  • Elder Flower (Sambucus nigra (Elder).)
    By Pride
  • Sambucus nigra Common or black elder, sometimes call a pipe tree. (Sambucus nigra)
    By Pride
  • Black Elder
    By Sooze
  • Common Elder  (Sambucus nigra (Black Elder))
    By Frenchbean
  • Elder in Flower May 2010 (Sambucus nigra (Black Elder))
    By Frenchbean
  • Jack The Cat
    By Dioritt
  • Sambucus nigra "Black Lace"
    By David
  • Tecoma stans -  Yellow Elder Flowers (Tecoma stans -  Yellow Elder Flowers)
    By Delonix1