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Photos tagged as "fungus"

  • Huge Mushroom Cluster in Shrubbery
    By Tralamander
  • Fungi in the woods
    By Wylieinthea..
  • Tradescantia "Sweet Kate" in blossom.
    By Lorilyn57
  • couldn't resist this...
    By Lorilyn57
  • Blue Flag Iris finally in bloom...T.Swt.Kate, and Ligs., in background.
    By Lorilyn57
  • This is Northern coral...
    By Lorilyn57
  • Brilliant colours are usually a warning...
    By Lorilyn57
  • Very large stinking fungus...
    By Lorilyn57
  • Chicken of the Woods Mushroom
    By Taoncale
  • Fungi on our old Laburnum tree.
    By Shirlwhirl
  • Fungus on our old Laburnum tree trunk.
    By Shirlwhirl
  • blue fungus on a trees stump
    By Plantplots2