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Photos tagged as "gladiolus"

  • Gladiolus violaceolineatus (Gladiolus violaceolineatus)
    By Wylieinthea..
  • Gladiolus Nunus, Prins Claus
    By Paulthegard..
  • 16.august 2013
    By Moonika
  • Canna started from seed last year
    By Willow87
  • Gladiolus corms are sprouting
    By Willow87
  • Datura returning after 4 Winters.
    By Willow87
  • Gladiolus  ..  Wine and Roses  ...
    By Amy
  • Yellow/orange Gladiolus (Gladiolus)
    By Klahanie
  • Gladiolus papilio contained in a pot (Gladiolus papilio (Goldblotch Gladiolus))
    By Siris
  •  Magenta flowered Gladiolus (info for Stereogram) (Gladiolus communis (Gladiolus) Byzantinus)
    By Siris
  • Gladiolus carinatus (Gladiolus carinatus)
    By Wylieinthea..
  • Gladiolus communis byzantinus (Gladiolus communis  byzantinus (Gladiolus))
    By Siris