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Photos tagged as "pitcher"

  • Sarracenia minor (Sarracenia minor (Hooded Pitcher Plant))
    By Flyplantsman
  • Sarracenia leucophylla (Sarracenia leucophylla (White pitcher))
    By Flyplantsman
  • Frog Home (Sarracenia purpurea (Huntsman's cap))
    By Flyplantsman
  • Kew - Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes) (Nepenthes ventricosa (Pitcher Plant))
    By Pauchy
  • Pitcher Plant
    By Meanie
  • Monkey Cup Plant
    By Pimpernel
  • Sarracenia Pitcher Plant - "Dana's Delight"
    By Bathgate
  • Dana's Delight Pitcher Plant
    By Bathgate
  • Hardy Sarracenia for my file (Sarracenia flava rugelli "Black Water Florida")
    By Siris
  • Summer Pitchers... (Npenthese alata v venusta)
    By Stan510
  • Saraccenia (update for my file) (Sarracenia)
    By Siris
  • Sarracenia flava var, flava (for my file) (Sarracenia flava (Yellow Pitcher Plant))
    By Siris