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Photos tagged as "thuja"

  • Platycladus (Thuja) orientalis 'Minima'
    By Bluespruce
  • IMGP4632.jpg
    By Chrispook
  • Platycladus (Thuja) orientalis 'Southport' (common name; Chinese arborvitae)
    By Bluespruce
  • hey there
    By Smalljaw
  • Thuja (Platycladus) orientalis 'Franky Boy' (Thuja (Platycladus) orientalis 'Franky Boy')
    By Bluespruce
  • Thuja plicata 'Zebrina' I love this tree it never needs pruning and the foliage is just as thick at the base of the tree. (Thuja plicata zebrina)
    By Drc726
  • Thuja occidentalis 'Teddy'
    By Paulspond
  • For Hywel - Thuja occidentalis 'Rheinhold' (Thuja occidentalis 'Rheingold')
    By Scottish
  • Thuja occidentalis little giant ☼ Full sun ❅ Hardy ✿ Evergreen  (Thuja occidentalis little giant)
    By Paulspond
  • Love this little round conifer - Thuja
    By Paulspond
  • Thuja 'Green Giant' (Thuja plicata (Western red cedar))
    By Rkwright
  • Lucky strike... Thuja occidentalis Emerald- June 2018
    By Lori