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Photos tagged as "trailing"

  • Trailing Begonia Peach coloured
    By Wendylongford
  • Swallowtails like lobelia
    By Lori
  • Happy Hour in the Hanging Basket
    By Lori
  • Sweet William in the transfer bed...
    By Lori
  • Abutilon megapotamicum varigatum (Abutilon megapotamicum (Trailing abutilon) variegata)
    By Siris
  • Sedum morganianum_donkey tail flower (Sedum morganianum (Donkey Tail))
    By Green_finger
  • Sedum 'Coca Cola'  (For my File) (Sedum cauticola)
    By Siris
  • Giant Trailing Fuchsias Bicentennial
    By Jenlewis
  • Potpourri of planting.
    By Kate123
  • Fuchsia procumbens Wirral (update for my File) (Fuchsia procumbens 'Wirral')
    By Siris
  • Fuchsia procumbens hidden berris (Fuchsia procumbens (Fuchsia))
    By Siris