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Photos tagged as "trillium"

  • Trillium
    By Chloris
  • Trillium ovatum x rivale
    By Chloris
  • Granite trough with Trillium ovatum x rivale, Cardamine trifolium and Selaginella.
    By Chloris
  • Trilliums blooming (trillium grandiflora)
    By Grammazoo
  • trillium (Trillium chloropetalum (Giant wakerobin))
    By Davidp
  • Trillium
    By Davey2009
  • Trillium
    By Lauram
  • A garden flower photo (trillium grandiflora)
    By Grammazoo
  • Trillium gracile
    By Bulbaholic
  • Trillium Erectum
    By Scotkat
  • Finally found the treasure! (trillium grandiflorum)
    By Stickitoffee
  • Trillium flexipes (Trillium flexipes (Harvington Selection))
    By Fractal_cat