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with summer here in the south my vegi garden is thriving. just realised i have not brought vegetables from the shop since xmas.
and soon the tomatoes will be ready as well as the beans
thank goodness for freezers as the cauliflowers all matured with in a week.
i have an assistant though

he was the original tin man (they had to use an actor for the wizard of oz film.)
he is remote controlled and waves to visitors nods his head laughs and all up 8 channels.
the kids love him and often goes places where the children love to interact with him.
i have the 2 garage door openers controls hidden in my hands to controll him

gimme 5 says the boy and the controls hidden in my hand operate the arm to greet him.
when some one asks who is controlling him i operate the light in his tummy and a soft toy ‘pooh bear’ is there and a loud giggle sounds out.
“see its pooh bear” i say

if a pretty lady is there his legs start to walk in the air ( i dont want him to run away you know) and his eyes move from side to side

with a nod of his head and a side to side movement of his head he can interact with the kids and laugh at their actions.

so here we are me and my best friend

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this is fantastic piersdad.

18 Jan, 2010



18 Jan, 2010


He must be great fun to have in your garden. No wonder all the kids love him. It must give you a lot of pleasure working him for them.

18 Jan, 2010


How sweet I love that show the best of all the tv movies you are so lucky how did you ever get to have him? I want to know the story. Your garden is great as well have a wonderful day.

18 Jan, 2010


he started off as a mannequin for my wife to demonstrate how to dress elderly arthritic people to fellow nurses.(i used myself as a model)
it was originaly made from wood and hard foam.
after my wife had a stroke 8 years ago it lay in the shed for some time and i thought there had to be some way to us it.
so with a wheel chair motor in it bottom and wind screen motors and many other bits as well as the alloy from an old caravan i demolished.
i crafted the tin man over the next few years till now he is truly interactive and greets any visitors as they come up the drive to visit.
as for visiting grand children they run him ragged

i have many other mechanical 'toys' in miniature and once a 10 foot long dragon that the grand kids used to drive about.
but thats another blog

18 Jan, 2010


Sounds a lot of fun Piersdad! I enjoyed this blog.

18 Jan, 2010


I think he's great! :-)))

18 Jan, 2010


hes brilliant....;-))

18 Jan, 2010



19 Jan, 2010


Lol love Pooh bear in his tummy! what fun

19 Jan, 2010


How much fun!!! =^..^=

20 Jan, 2010


allowed to have fun in old age at 71 have a lot of fun yet to go.
just watching the spark of (i want to do that when i grow up) look in kids eyes is a just reward.
just as some one showed me the workings of a pianola when i was 2 yrs old sparked a lifetime of inventing pleasure

20 Jan, 2010


Brilliant..... maybe Tin Man needs a little robot Tin Dog as a friend ???

20 Jan, 2010


sold the radio controlled dog to friend to follow her at a fashion parade
it was a corgi on a skate board
and she was dressed as her majesty the queen a sort of wearable art show
however i have a new system that may enable me to make a real trotting dog robot

20 Jan, 2010


look forward to the photos...Piersdad

20 Jan, 2010


Trotting robot dog for 2010..... ?!?
yes, pleeeeease...
...and maybe a GoY blog competition to name him/her ?
Blog categorised under "Pets" lol. :o)

20 Jan, 2010


actually my main focus is on a new set of walking legs for the tin man that will enable him to use a elderly persons walking frame instead of the wheels he has atm.
however under 'pets' i could perhaps blog a few more of my 'pets'
ie dragons, birds , and other mechanical things i have dreamt up.

as a hyperactive kid of 71 and retired have to keep busy all day or die of boredom.

20 Jan, 2010


i for one would love to see your pets....

20 Jan, 2010


He is great what a nice friend to have.

20 Jan, 2010

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