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they are all loving but this true incident takes the cake(cat)

Take two cats
Some time ago I had a pain in the stomach and it appeared to be a blocked bowel.
It got very bad and as I lay painfully on the bed my pet cat bounced up on the top of my tummy and started to gently massage it.
Well it seemed to relieve the pain a bit so I encouraged it to ether sit there on top
or when I petted it? it would wake up and do its ?loving? massage

This lasted a few hours and then the cat left.
Our second cat then appeared and with a little encouragement it did the same
Acting as a warm? massage machine.
Ok in the morning the worse was over and I went to the doctor for a check up.

He told me to use a hot water bottle and some gentle massage???

Lol had I rung him in the middle of the night would he have said

“Take two cats and ring me in the morn”

we had our daughters cat called princess and she was the bossy sort

so i wrote an imaginary letter from her to my daughter.

from nanas place

Dear mum,(from princess) I love it at nanas place while you are on holiday.

i hope you are really enjoying yourself
she has two cats and they stay out side all day as they are quite scared of me
She treats me with loving care and feeds me the nicest food I’ve ever tasted.
I don’t have to do anything around the house as your doting parents look after my every needs.
They even gave me a special day time bed next to a window for when I am feeling tired.
The rich food caught up on me yesterday and I got caught short.
Well the bathroom floor was a real mess specially after grand dad stood in it
Other times I have been able to hide my messes.
The other day one of the outside cats came in through the cat flap and I almost caught it but it got through the cat flap really fast.
I am treated like royalty here and love the holiday at nanas place
Stay away as long as you like
Yours truly

Princess the cat

Dear princess.(from our cats)

I am so glad you have gone back to your mums place it is so much quieter here.
Your stay was really appreciated we no longer have to sleep under the hedge in the frost.
I still have the scratch marks to remember you by on my backside as you viciously got me as I exited the cat door.
At last ‘mum puss’ and me can have our favourite dishes back and last night was absolute luxury as I was able to sleep all night on top of grand dads feather blanket.
Mum puss also was allowed in and she got nanas bed for the night.
I carefully listened through the door that pitiful meow that you gave to grand dad to get him to supply that yummy cat food he gave you and I think we can convince him to buy some more ‘Purina one.’
Grand dad found that place you were pee’d on the carpet so he had to lift it and throw it outside, whew it stinks, at least we will have a nice new carpet in the bathroom.
It was lovely to see you go and please don’t come back.
Sooty and mum puss

Dear sooty and mum puss,
Thank you for letting me stay at your place I thoroughly enjoyed bossing you lot around and leaving stink bombs in secluded places so grand dad could not find them.
Its great when some one stands in them and lets that lovely smell get every where. It made me really feel at home.
I love the fire here that mum lights for me every time when it gets cold and her lovely big bed wow!.
Alex has not come home yet from her grand mums so I have not tried her bed out yet.
It sure looks good but not as big as mums one and there may not be room for the both of us, I do demand a full stretch out under the blanket most times.

I love to plant stink bombs in the laundry just before mum gets home from work so she gets the full flavor of it as she walks in the door. There is a kitty litter box there but I like to go on the other side of the room where it’s warmer there in the sun.
I don’t like the dog next door he barks a lot but I am sure I will sort him out soon.

Yours truly
Princess the cat

dear princess, It’s been cold here thank, goodness we can get grand dads bed again.

Last night it was really cold and mum puss and I took over granddads feather duvet with him under it.
The trouble is that he decided to move out to the TV room early in the morning and took the darn feather duvet with him.
No problems there we both followed him and perched on the duvet with him under it and eventually he gave up watching through my fur and went to sleep.
Really warm and cosy it was.

Have you put that dog next door in his place yet I’m sure he would like a scar or two to remember you by

regards sooty and mum puss

dear sooty and mumpuss

The dog is fine I think he recognises my superior attitude and gets the message but I wont trust him.
Finally explored the section better and wow I found a mouse and it must have been paralyzed with fear cause I caught it easily.
Took it inside to show mum and she was terrified of it.
Silly girl its only a mouse.
She must be proud of me cause I heard her telling nana all about me catching it.
So I guess I will try to get some more some time.

Dear princess, Oh you love to skite don’t you.

Did you notice there were no mice at our place; we ate them to extinction around here.
Mum puss is the best teacher I know as she rally taught me how to hunt.
I caught what was just about the last mouse in the place and to prove it here is a picture of me and the mouse.

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Great !

24 Jan, 2010


Smashing great letters!

24 Jan, 2010


Made me smile - wouldnt it be funny if they really could tell us exactly what they were thinking!!

25 Jan, 2010


their body language tells it all
dogs are particularly good at this .
used to visit many different places with dogs and would imitate the different types of dog body language and never had a lot of trouble.
it was generally respecting them and talking in a tone of voice as well as actions.

one of the funniest incidents was when a dog started to bark in sheer panic and i stood my ground calmly.
he apparently had a very itchy bottom.
and for every 4 barks he would turn his head and nip at his bottom.
after the 3rd time and 4 barks i yelled
"bite your bum"
well at this critical time the lady of the house appeared and heard me yell and saw her pet dog nip at his bottom.
an amazed owner said
"goodness how did you do that"

25 Jan, 2010

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