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my mechanical pets


i am limited to one real cat so i just make my own pets
so when a gent asked me to make a few tuatara (descended from the dinosaurs) from fibreglass some got away and reside in my garden

so when a lady wanted a corgi on a skate board to follow her in a fashon parade i radio controlled him and he demanded to be let loose in the park

so thats what he wanted.

some times my other pets get loose in the park and i find he just wanted to play with the kids.

my grand son is fasinated with my albatross as it tries to fly away from him

so when visitors come and press his button my pet cat prances away to their delight

dare to touch this birds frog and it opens is beak and its wings as it pecks at your hand demanding the frog back
i call it the grey headed peckatu

and here is one of my socks its so smelly it takes off to the laundry by itself

it sure gives visitors a surprise as they see a sock crawling from under the sofa and making for the laundry

this dragon has been trying to fly for ages and one of my daughters wants it in my will

if i am not in my garden i am in my workshop making mechanical magic
and enjoying retirement

his wings flap legs try to walk head moves up and down as does the wings and his tail flaps in unison to the head and wing movement

no wonder the grand kids sem to like to visit me

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you are one very talented guy.
love the tuatara. It has a pineal eye too. brilliant ancient reptiles.

6 Feb, 2010


the pineal eye is in the center top of his head and is only visible when they are young teenagers at up to 30 years old then it disappears for the rest of its 200 year life

6 Feb, 2010


How clever are you PD! These 'pets' look great fun. My dad spent his spare time building model steam engines . Two of his engines are displayed in York transport museum and I have his traction engine.

6 Feb, 2010


second to last pic has one of my steam engines in the background.
it is a 3 cylinder 'shay' motor and was my learning to use the lathe project

6 Feb, 2010


Well done... a really fun blog.... clever and attractive inventions....:o)

7 Feb, 2010


clever you PD, they look real fun, do you sell them or just for pleasure

7 Feb, 2010


thats brightened up a grey day--- I love the corgi-on-a-skateboard :0)

7 Feb, 2010


I like the sock!!

7 Feb, 2010


Well done what a talant you have.

7 Feb, 2010


i think the corgi is brilliant,they are all very good pd and what a cutie your grandson is too...

7 Feb, 2010


i love the sock have a talent ....

7 Feb, 2010


i only sold the sock and on the trademe site i got some 4 pages of comments
it was fun
some were
'would you throw in matching undies'

I see that you allow pickups but what with -occupation and safety has safety rules ??

That is such a cool mechanism. We have 5 kids so would need at least 23 of them. what sort of deal could u do. The kids wouldn’t be able to move lest they trip over a crawling sock in search of its mate..

and a couple of pages more.
how ever i only got 8 pounds equivalent and it went to a lady who surprised her husband with it
she sat him down on sofa with his smelly feet in a basin of green liquid and at that moment he got a very important phone call and she let the sock go from under a pile of washing.
i dont thiink he would have said to the esteemed phone caller "hmm one of my dirty socks is off to the laundry by itself

ps i love inventing

7 Feb, 2010


what great genius! I love them much entertainment, you do a great job with your 'pets'

8 Feb, 2010


i was driving the dragon home from the park with its wings and feet operating and was stopped by a pair of cops .
they were just interested and as i was not breaking any rules they moved on.
i bet they did not dare to tell their boss they saw a dragon flying along the road.

8 Feb, 2010



8 Feb, 2010


Wonderful blog - my kids would love you too!!!

8 Feb, 2010


How i love to see your Mechanical Pets/Inventions Piers :) My Man has a Remote Control Car which is very boring to your wonders :)

8 Feb, 2010


remote car ?? that is what i re engineered to a corgi much more fun to see grown ups actually patting it
grand kids always very keen to visit

8 Feb, 2010


Wonderful inventions are very clever. Thanks for sharing.

9 Feb, 2010


Id much rather have your Corgi Piers as i love Pets/Animals :)

9 Feb, 2010


took the corgi (radio controlled one) to a local market and on the way passed several people in the park.
just a corgi on a skate board dashing past
at the market it was petted and enjoyed a heck of a lot more than a toy car

9 Feb, 2010


your mechanical pets are awesome!

10 Feb, 2010


Great inventions, PD! Like everybody else I loved your remote controlled Corgi!

14 Feb, 2010


just to say I've used the new Goy feature to save this ( its good fun) but also Greenfingers blog , I wanted to keep your lovely story of the Rainbow Bridge. Thankyou :)

24 Feb, 2010


thanks every one for the comments
i love inventing and in retirement i can indulge in my hobby full time
i also make cellos as a spare time money maker.
just sold my 116 th cello

24 Feb, 2010


Cello...omg u r very tallented....i love the sound of a cello so deep and calming...;-)

25 Feb, 2010


These lovely creatures are so delightful. I love the kids on the dinosaur in the park, lol love, LinnAnn

1 Mar, 2010

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