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By pip_c


Last month I went on a little getaway to the nation’s capital. We took in the sights of Old and New Parliament House – that was a lot of fun! And I also got some pretty pictures of the plants/flowers around where we were staying. So, here goes………..

Vinca – this one was in one of those fabulous planter boxes that are everywhere in the streets of Canberra….


Some attractive sycamore leaves out to back of our B&B

A stunning poppy

Roses in someone’s garden!


The colours in this hedge were very interesting, I thought.

Then there were the fabulous Old Parliament House Gardens!

Here’s some closeups of the plants in the gardens:




Spreading Grevillea on the Parliament House forecourt

Another mystery

Cistus again.

Euonymus, I think….

An attractive Canberra sunset

And finally, the great Aussie flag, flying on top of Parliament House! It’s the size of a double decker bus and gets changed every month! The black dot is a flying magpie ;o)

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glad you enjoyed your break pip and wish we had some of your weather, stunning pics to, so much colour :o)

1 Dec, 2010


Have to agree lovely summer plants we get in our gardens, thanks for sharing your photos with us when we are all freezing over here :o)

1 Dec, 2010


Thanks for taking us on a tour of your capital city. The flag you say is 3x the size of a double decker bus??? That's an incredible amount of material & it's changed every month! Wow! Must weigh a ton! I expect it gets changed so frequently because it will begin to get torn with the wind. I've noticed that many flags begin to fray at the end furthest from the mast. If not changed they tear to sheds after a few years.

The flowers are lovely & the roses fantastic! :-)) Shame you can't send us a little of your warmth! Here it's been freezing for the last week! :-((

1 Dec, 2010


Lovely pics. Pip :o)

1 Dec, 2010


What a lovely blog, its so nice to see all those wonderful flowers and enjoyed the sightseeing;0)

1 Dec, 2010


lovely pictures Pip, the sun and summer seem worlds away from here, i think that little blue plant ~ number 2 photo is part of the columbine family??? and photos 10 and 23 are cistus ~ i think.??

1 Dec, 2010


Thanks for showing this Pip,beautiful flowers.The roses are stunning.Glad you had a nice time :o))

1 Dec, 2010


Yes, definitely Sticki. They are lovely. All the plants look quite familiar, which is unusual for your blogs Pip! I love the parliament building, it is very modern isn't it. Really nice to see your sunshine...oh how lovely it would be to be able to feel it!! Thanks :))

1 Dec, 2010


Nice to see some lovely flowers :o)

The white one with spots (another mystery) is a Cistus
Also the very pink one (2nd of 2 more mysteries) is a cistus aswell

1 Dec, 2010 photographed some beauties on your little getaway trip. Thanks for sharing these photos with is nice to see when all around here it is cold, white and slippy.

The close-ups of the roses you found in a garden are really lovely :)

1 Dec, 2010


Thanks San, Carol, Balcony, Terra, Carole, Pip, Sandra, Karen, Hywel and Jacquie :o))))
Thanks for the ID also, I've changed the labels accordingly!

1 Dec, 2010


You're welcome. The only thing is I don't know the variety names. I have the pink one in my garden.

1 Dec, 2010


not in my garden ~ they need the sun!

1 Dec, 2010


I have them in my garden and we get lots of rain, but they seem to grow well :o)

2 Dec, 2010


Wow! Lovely to see all the greenery over there, you have some really lovely photos there, Pip! Glad that you had such a great time in Canberra...Thank you for sharing such great picts! \0/x

23 Dec, 2010


Thanks Flori :o)

24 Dec, 2010


Have you had any flooding down your way, Pip? The other day we heard on the news about flooding in the region of Sydney.

Happy Christmas.

25 Dec, 2010


No flooding down here, thankfully, Balcony! We never get flooded as our suburb is basically on a hill, but I believe there was flash flooding in other parts of Sydney. It's mainly the rural parts of NSW that get flooded, though!

26 Dec, 2010


I'm so glad to hear that you haven't been flooded, Pip! :-))

26 Dec, 2010


So am I... lol. :o)

26 Dec, 2010

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