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Forget the snow and let yourself be carried into another season...


By pip_c


I know you are all moaning about your weather, so I thought I would take some pictures of our weather.


It’s Christmas – and your tree is up…

You go outside and bask in the warmth of the sun…

… and admire the beautiful blue sky…

And the grass – which you can actually SEE!…

The leaves of your plants are a beautiful lush green…

Your hedge is lush…

Your climbers are climbing…

Your herb bed is overflowing…

Your jasmine has loads of new growth… it’s falling over under its own weight!

This couldn’t be your asparagus, could it?…


The corn… we had some of this for dinner the other night and it was delicious!…

Fruit salad tree…

And best of all…

Sorry Hywel – couldn’t resist!

Did that take your mind off the snow and ice? I hope so.

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LOL ! :D
Can I come over to your house please ? I need to use the toilet .........

Yes thank you it was nice to be reminded there are places that still look normal.

22 Dec, 2010


nice one Pip..:o)) your garden looks lovely,so envious of all that lovely greenery...but all that white in the loo?
we have enough of that colour over here..! Lol.... ...we are off to Spain today,so should see some green stuff there....
Hurry up Hywel...there's a queue..:o))) Have a great Christmas Pip.XX

22 Dec, 2010


LOL, other side of the Solstice now!!! I am begining to miss a bit of green now!!

22 Dec, 2010


thanks Pip as the snow is falling again here its really comforting to know there is still green in the world Lol
.....and whats a fruit salad tree?

* * * * * merry christmas pippin* * * * *

22 Dec, 2010


Please can I go first in the queue ... my toilet has more fuchsias than anyone else's and I can't wait ! lol

Yes I was wondering what a fruit salad tree is too ??

22 Dec, 2010


how about apples pears peaches & cherries all grafted together on a 'family' tree !!!

22 Dec, 2010


Oh PIP! How cruel you are. We Brits always 'discuss' the weather!!!!! Moan? Never! ;-O

Nice to see your photos, though. :-)

22 Dec, 2010


Wonderful Pip, shortest day yesterday, wont be long before we get some of that lovely sunshine. ( I hope ).

22 Dec, 2010


It sure did and reminded me of when i lived in Perth for a couple of years in the late 60s, keep thinking when we had one xmas on the beach, thanks for showing us it...

22 Dec, 2010


Merry Christmas Pip :O)))))))))

22 Dec, 2010


We've been transported to another time. I had begun to forget what colour grass really is!
Still, shortest day's a downhill ride now till spring...we hope!!!!

22 Dec, 2010


hahaha lol lol haha soooooooooo funny !!! loved it ... xmas lunch at yours then .... oooo 4 got got all planes grounded urggg , o well !! looking 4 ward to spring
happy xmas to you all ... enjoy the sunshine ;o)))

22 Dec, 2010


lol hahaha very good pip, glad you dont have snow like us brits, can we all pop over for xmas pleaseeee lol

22 Dec, 2010


that is full of cheerfulness thanks pip.

22 Dec, 2010


Thanks Hywel, Bloomer, Lulu, Pam, Spritz, LL, Carol, Ann, Paul, Cristina, Sandra and Sbg for your lovely comments :o)))

Feel free to BAT yourself over and use the loo... down the hall, second on the right!
Hope you have a lovely holiday in Spain, Bloomer... erm, how are you getting there? We see pics on the news every night of snowed-in cars, planes, Eurostars, you name it.
Pam had quite a good guess on the fruit salad tree - it's a tree with any number of grafts... we ordered one from a place that specialised in them, the more grafts (you can get up to 6, we got 3) the more expensive the tree is. Our fruit salad tree is plums, nectarines and peaches. This is only its first year so no fruit yet.

Why don't you pop over on Boxing Day... there's always plenty of spare food!!!

22 Dec, 2010


Wonderful bog...oops, I mean Blog, Pip! Laughed my head off at your last photo...Wonderful! Lovely to see some green again, we have forgotten what it is like over here! Have a wonderful Aussie Christmas, my friend.....\0/x

23 Dec, 2010


Flori, you're back! Lovely to see you...

24 Dec, 2010

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