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♪ Oh, I'm a commuter! ♫


By pip_c


I just thought of that the other day. As I was commuting, I mean. That insanely catchy tune “♪I’m a Believer!♫” was stuck in my head and I thought, hang on… ♪I’m a Commuter!♫ Just thought I’d share that, not entirely sure why, but…

Anyway, after my first four days of business college – and, erm, being a commuter – I thought I’d give you all a progress report. Business college is hard work, in fact, I’m supposed to be doing homework at the moment, but I’m procrastinating :o) It was certainly a shock to my system after 9 years of homeschool. But I am having fun. We have our fair share of wacky teachers!

On the Commuter front, I’m acclimatising quickly. I love being one of the crowd; I always have for some reason. However, I often don’t fit in. Why? Well, I’m at least 10 years younger than most of the other commuters (doesn’t really matter, though, I’m used to being the youngest by a long way), and I SMILE! More on that later.

It occurred to me this morning, as I was… yes, you guessed it… commuting, that there are some unspoken laws all commuters need to know about…


1. Never smile. Ever. It’s too early in the morning. If you do, people will think you are on drugs or espresso.
2. Anything out of the train window is strictly taboo. Looking out is highly unusual!! The CityRail train station map on the wall isn’t taboo – it’s for people who don’t have anywhere else to look.
3. A sad but true one, this – Never take any notice of the homeless people on Central Station.
4. If you really want to get a job in public transport, but are a foreigner who can’t understand English and failed Public Transport 101, chances are, you become a bus driver.
5. Never be seen without a phone, an iPod or a coffee. All three at once are acceptable, but possibly hazardous…

As you’ve probably already guessed, I break all of these rules frequently!

By the way… here’s a quick Aussie temperature report. After a week of 35+ temperatures nonstop, the mercury dropped dramatically yesterday arvo. 20 degrees in about 6 hours! It was incredible, and we all froze to death last night with temps of about 17-19 degrees. (Go on, laugh!) This morning I even had to use my new, horrible, tentlike, don’t-worry-by-the-time-winter-comes-you’ll-have-grown-into-it-says-Mum business jacket…

Happy Gardening… Love, Pip

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you should be used to everyone being older pip ~ arent you younger than all of us?
i like those rules for commuters ~ not sure the not looking out of windows is followed here? [i like nosing into peoples gardens from the train]
hope the work is ok, im sure you will have a fun time.
will you be business managing the garden when you have qualified?

7 Feb, 2011


Nosing into other peoples gardens, great fun, I always want to slow the train down!
Happy commutering Pip and biz studies!

7 Feb, 2011


and the other thing i like to do is to try to work out what all the commuters do ~ their different jobs ~ not that i listen in to their conversations ~ of course!!!

7 Feb, 2011


Ha ha Sticki! I read your blog Pip and thank God that I am sitting here in my home with my coffee and my dog. It brought back memories of student days in London and Manchester. Worst thing about the don't have the option of looking out of the window. I've done my share of being herded like a cow....never again! Still, I really hope it all turns out worthwhile for you! Keep up the good work of breaking all the rules! lol :))

7 Feb, 2011


reflecting Dark glasses Pip-- then you can 'people watch' as much as you like and they won't know :o))

7 Feb, 2011


do you take your lap top and compute as you commute?

7 Feb, 2011


like the commuters guid pip lol what to be young again haha, i love the train but i guess if it was every day i would get fed up with it, love looking out and watching the world go by, hope you enjoy your buisness college, your brave i couldnt even think of anything to do with pen pushing,im a hands on person, so good luck and hope you do well pip :o)

7 Feb, 2011


There's no room to sit down to compute, Sticki!

Thanks all for your lovely comments.

9 Feb, 2011


Wonderful, witty blog, Pippin, and so good to have you back with us toooooo! This really made me smile...Good luck with your Business studies my friend. Your SiSters are all so proud of you, Pip....\0/ xxxxx

12 Feb, 2011


Hi Bev! Glad you enjoyed...

12 Feb, 2011


Good to hear you are back at college Pip....a challenging time for you. I seem to remember one of the first blogs I ever replied to when I joined GoY was something you wrote about travelling on public transport that I found really amusing :)

Happy commuting!

26 Feb, 2011


Thanks Jacquie :o)

26 Feb, 2011

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