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I am a tropical gardener ,I live in Cape York Queensland.
Although For the past 10 years, after a stroke cannot do the phyical gardening myself, I do employ a man who comes in one morning a week to do pruning and planting, or whatever I need done.I also have a daughter/carer, she is not a gardener but helps with watering and potting.I have some garden irrigated.I am 74years of age .'
I have an electric scooter that I use to tour around most of the garden .Although the rainforest property is 3 acres ,more than 3/4 is still left as natural forest.We had a lot of native animals and over 60 species of birds. If you look at my Website you will see lots of photo's

At Christmas 2009 I received a camera .I did not think I could use it as I can only use 1 arm . But with a lot of trial and error and persistance I can now operate it . I can only see half of the view window , my hand has to hold the camera and reach the button on the right to take a pic,but I get enough useable pics after I delete the out of focus ones . Its a bonus if I get the subject in the frame at all. You have to go with what capacities you have . I am very happy not having to ask my daughter to take photo's all the time.

Latest photos

  • Globba globulifera  (Globba globulifera)
  • Heliconia psittacorum "sassy" (Heliconia psittacorum "sassy")
  • Alpinia purpurata pink form (Alpinia purpurata pink form)
  • Zingiber spectabile beehive ginger (Zingiber spectabile)

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