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Rudbekia 'Herbstonne'

Added on 11 Oct, 2013 | 1 photo

I think this Rudbekia together with others really go with the other 'hot' colours. I've several c...



Added on 10 Oct, 2013 | 1 photo

Genus: Rosa.
Species: Rosa odorata Mutabilis.

'Numerous single blooms open from coppery buds to ochre-yellow flowers that turn pink, crimson & finall...


Hydrangea aspera Villosa

Added on 17 Aug, 2011 | 1 photo

I've only today bought this after wanting one for years! I saw it first at Hadspen Garden in Somerset run b...



Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

This photo of my yellow helenium also shows
Persicaria virginiana var. filiformis which I bought this year at...



Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

Genus: Foeniculum.
Species: Foeniculum vulgare.

This is good as a herb, both foliage and seeds can be used in the kitchen. Its also a very statuesque plant in ...


Panicum virgatum 'Squaw'

Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

I love grasses and have lots-this one has lovely purply reddish flowers which cascade beautifully.



Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

A lovely annual rudbekia which flowers from late summer through to the frosts-there are lots of different variet...


Aster 'Monte Casino'

Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

A lovely white flowered aster that flowers from September through to November. It spreads quickly and its easy ...



Added on 29 Oct, 2010 | 1 photo

This plant is so lovely and flowers all summer into the autumn. I brought it with me from our last garden and w...


Gentian sino-ornata 'Shot Silk'

Added on 4 Sep, 2010 | 1 photo

I bought this at the Malvern Autumn Show last year-this is its first flower.


Salvia sclarea var. turkistanica

Added on 21 Jun, 2010 | 2 photos

This is a biennial and having grown just a few from seed I am very excited to see them flower, having only seen ...


Rosa 'Just Joey'

Added on 21 Jun, 2010 | 1 photo

We've just recently bought this rose - we had it a long while ago at another house to remember our 1st pet ...


Papaver orientale

Added on 17 Jun, 2010 | 2 photos

My oriental poppies are all planted in the cottage garden area. One job I should remember to do for these plant...


Wallflower 'Scarlet Bedder'

Added on 20 May, 2010 | 2 photos

After reading one of Sara Raven's lovely books, I decided to grow Wallflower 'Scarlet Bedder' to ...


Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride'

Added on 20 May, 2010 | 1 photo

This is the plant I was asking for help about planting earlier in the spring. As you see it is now planted &...


Papaver orientalis

Added on 16 May, 2010 | 1 photo

I love these poppies, I have them planted in my Cottage Garden Hot border and in the Pink/Lilac border. I have ...


Nectaroscordum siculum

Added on 16 May, 2010 | 1 photo

These used to be an Allium but have moved into a genus of their own with a name thats quite difficult to remembe...


Clematis Jan Fopma

Added on 1 May, 2010 | 1 photo

This is another bell-shaped clematis-it is also supposed to be chocolate scented! Probably needs to be a very w...


Clematis Rooguchi

Added on 30 Apr, 2010 | 1 photo

A beautiful dark purple bell flowered clematis, I planted it in 2009 and have it growing up an obelisk together ...


Hydrangea robusta

Added on 30 Apr, 2010 | 2 photos

Bought this at Pine Lodge Gardens, St Austell. -planted in early summer 2009 in our new 'Ember Bed', d...

Clematis 'Cassis'

Added on 13 Mar, 2010 | 0 photos

This has an unusual small double purple & white mottled flower and is really lovely, I have it planted with...


Clematis 'Wisley'

Added on 10 Mar, 2010 | 1 photo

Planted to climb into Rosa 'Seagull'-in 2009 it looked lovely and very prolific. I've just this ...