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Ficus altissima 'variegata' - Variegated Council Tree

Ficus altissima 'variegata'  - Variegated Council Tree  (Ficus altissima 'variegata'  - Variegated Council Tree)

This variegated Council tree is located at one of the largest nurseries in San Diego, CA. -- Rancho Soldedad Nurseries.
It's 25 acres located in Rancho Santa Fe. It is unbelievable -- however, the wealthiest community in the United States.
Photo taken Jan. 14, 2010.

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I wonder when they will pot it on?

15 Jan, 2010



This nursery has many very large trees in boxes. This tree will probably be sold pretty this nursery is in a very weathly community.

16 Jan, 2010


I had this Andy. I bought it at Home Depot back around 2000. When I started a job as greenhouse manager..I had it in a warm humid environment. It's power to Banyon was greatest of any Ficus..even more then F.bengahlensis.
This variegated plant was sending thick roots everywhere.

A few years later I left the job and left the plant thinking it would never survive outdoors.

I would love to see one of these in Hawaii.

21 Feb, 2016


I had one in Fremont, Mission San Jose. It grew so fast and got so big. It was amazing! When I left the house it was so sad as it was cut down.

It would occasionally get burned from the heat. It was facing south with reflected heat. Cold never ever bothered this tree. I think it's as hardy as Ficus microcarpa. There's big trees here in San Diego. Not sure why it's not used more in the SF Bay Area. Ficus mysorensis is another one I don't understand why it isn't widely used in the SF Bay Area, either. It's just as hardy as Ficus microcarpa and it grows extremely fast. It does grow very large, though. I've seen massive trees here.

21 Feb, 2016


I haven't seen one for sale since.
That's ok since I have the variegated F.elastica and the redder F.e. 'Ruby'.
I wish I had discovered Ruby first,then had the variegated in a pot.
'Ruby' I started as a 3" Walmart plant- 3 years ago? Its now a 6' potted tree and ready to go. Its just as fast as the all green
Its never shown any frost damage.

F.e. variegated has seen some burnt edge leafs...that it sheds fairly quickly for a bay area recovering Ficus. Not really a fast grower...just consistent. It wont ever be a tree here.

21 Feb, 2016


I used to see Ficus altissima 'variegata' for sale all the time in the SF Bay Area. It was always sold three in a pot in small pots and 5 gallon pots.

I've seen large F. elastica 'Decora' variegata trees here. They don't look so good...they look best as a smaller tree or shrub. As a big tree they can look a little sick. There's a certain way variegated trees and plant can be used...if not used well they don't look good.

22 Feb, 2016


The variegata elastica looks good. It just doesnt have the red in it all the time like Ruby. I guess Ruby is also called tri color.
I'm going to have to start pruning the variegated in the front yard. It finally closed the gap to the sidewalk.

I could prune it into a small tree...or prune it into a compact mound...Im leaning to the latter.

23 Feb, 2016


It looks good as a small compact tree. Ficus elastica 'Decora' Burgundy looks good as a large tree.

23 Feb, 2016

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