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having a whinge on the......heron


im having a whinge.
a heron has had one of my fish,im not happy,but on the good side, he dropped it and i found it in time.its a bit marked but think it will be ok.
peach tree has leaf curl,yet again (so much for the spraying in feb) had beautiful blossom,would show you pics on NEW camera but havent worked that one out yet.
slugs had 3 french beans,dog had the other 2.
positive side though the runners are looking good.
got second hand tractor….whoopy…
bits missing for the digger…..boooo…
so still havent planted the other trees yet,which i might add look lovely in the compost bags on my patio flowering well but dont want them to,they should be in the orchard.
BUT…. the sun is shinning and my life still isn’t to bad,hope everyone else have a reasonably day.
whinge over..

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Glad you're having a wonderful day ;o)

6 May, 2010


Glad i am not the only one who has bad days,You never know may be tomorrow will be better.

6 May, 2010


hope tomorrow is a better day for you PM...

6 May, 2010

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