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Daylily gall midge


Daylily gall midge. Sadly it looks as if it is going to be a very bad year for gall midge. The cool damp weather of late seems to have really brought it on in force. Please don’t forget if you see very fat misshapen buds which don’t open pick them off and either burn them or dispose of them so the worms inside don’t get a chance to infect your plants. This is a very short season pest and won’t infect any of the mids and lates so if you want to get rid of them then trhe earlies can be avoided but that is a shame as there are so many beautiful earlies to enjoy.

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I picked off a few yesterday Pollie, some of my early varieties always seem to be worse affected than others, 'Inner View' and 'Nile Crane' never seem to suffer here don't know about yours ?
A few are trying to open here today, we need some sun :-)

15 Jun, 2012


Thanks for the reminder, my day lillies haven't budded up yet, but I shall be on the lookout.

15 Jun, 2012


I've never heard of this pest. Thanks for allerting us about it.

15 Jun, 2012


That's great Hywel. Its nice to reach someone who doesn't know about it. Isn't the season late Simbad, we were panicking about Hampton Court last year thinking everything would be over,now first opening today and hardly anything out even. It's odd how some of them don't seem to get it, maybe its a particular smell, so little still seems to be known about it. Hello Jaykaty. Lots to look forward to then.

16 Jun, 2012


Was just thinking the same Pollie, yes you'd be panicking if you were at Hampton Court this year :-), looked back on my pictures last year and posted the first one on the 5th June,did have 3 flowers open yesterday on 'Solid Geometry', looked a picture, but before I got round to taking one we had a really heavy hail storm and they were ruined, still looks like when they do start they'll be fantastic sooo many buds :-)))

16 Jun, 2012


Hello Simbad

It definitely looks like its going to be "one of those summers" The gall midge is easing a bit now but Terry is really fed up with the display so far, its either wet or windy. The big spiders are out in the field and get shattered in the wind. There probably still aren't enough out to worry about at present. Hope it picks up for us all.

Sorry this is late by the way, dog, me and computer not too well at present, again. Overdoing it I expect.

22 Jun, 2012


Hi Pollie, so sorry to hear you and your dog aren't well, hope you're feeling a bit better now, its wrestling with all those daylily clumps.
I thought I'd escaped the dreaded gall midge only found a few buds, but they've arrived here now too, picked off 4 or 5 handfuls of buds this morning, not a lot out here yet either, but there are sooo many scapes, as you say we just need some nice weather, all the ones you sent in spring have scapes forming :-) can't wait, the magpies are being a pain already, went out this morning and they pecked off scapes on 2 new ones don't know why they do it.

24 Jun, 2012

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