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Have to strike while the iron is hot!


Another saying of which I seem to have quite a collection of! lol

So many comments and questions and so much bubbling in my head that I have to write this now and let the housework wait..again!!

As I said I don’t think the tatoos were so much bravery as kind of a numbness & grieving. It’s like anything else I guess, you have to go through it to really experience it and you really don’t know how you are going to react. I have read a lot on the subject and am blessed with a good support system. It’s quite an eye opener into another side of the coin.

Here is my fav. pic. of me, husband (9yrs. younger!) and our very planned child together in 1982. Taken at Horshoe Bay, B.C., ferries in background. She just turned 30 and is the mother of my little grandson Fin. I have 3 wonderful children from a 15 yr. marriage and Joe & I would have been married 35 yrs. last month. I know it’s a long time ago but I couldn’t put my fingers on the other more up to date fav. pic. for now.

FYI and answers to questions: I pretty much designed both tatoos by putting elements I liked together and tweeking it to my satisfaction. The one over my shoulder ended up not quite as finely lined as I intended but like there it is, that’s why its called “permenent”! lol

I have always wanted to grow and try to improve myself so I am not afraid to ask questions and share of myself which helps you learn and move forward.
I have to admit though that I had always thought of myself as being the independent one and my husband the dependent one. I was the one that handled everything. Turns out I’m realizing that I have been just as dependent as he, just in different ways and the fact of being married a total of 50 yrs!

My recent trip to Idaho visiting Daughter and Son-in-Law there.
Pic of Daughter, Son-in-Law (here) and myself, you can’t see little Fin, he is in car seat beside me.

Actually those Idaho trip pics I posted awhile back of the lovely Quaking Aspens are where I layed my husbands ashes to rest as per his wishes on Idaho Daughters’ property.

Isn’t she gorgeous! Dental assistant. You should have seen her teeth before orthodontic. Money well spent! lol

So off I go into the wild blue yonder letting go of some of my preconceived Ideas and working at breaking out of the small world I never realized I was in!
So now, next blog will share more of Lucy’s progress and my garden!

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You are very blessed to have a lovely supportive family. It isn't until personal losses occur that we realise just how important families are. Of course you are feeling vulnerable, that's natural, but you have made great strides in being your own person lately. I admire you!

7 Sep, 2008


Well done, thank you for sharing about your family. Your loss was a great sadness for you, but you are very positive and moving forward. You had 50 years of happiness in marriage which in our present day and age is something that a lot of people don't experience. You were and still are richly blessed. This means that you still have a lot to offer to help others too. We have had over 40 years of wedded bliss and I am very grateful for every minute, and like you trust God that the rest of my life will be fruitful and blessed.

7 Sep, 2008


You are doing wonderfully well P.I,m not sure that I would have the strength and courage that you have , but as you say you really don,t know these things untill it happens to you . well done .keep up the good work .

7 Sep, 2008


Thank you all for your kind comments. I am so greatful for my children. Four of them and each is so loving and caring to me. What more could I ask for?!
I don't know as I deserve to be admired Spritz just another human being amongst many struggling along falling on our faces and picking ourselves up again and again trying to do the best we can.
A saying I just ran across again the other day *BE KIND FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A GREAT BATTLE* 'Philo Of Alexandria'

7 Sep, 2008


Lovely pictures of your family.

You are doing very well indeed, rebuilding your life.

In your top photo, is that a shadow on Joe's arm,
or could it be a tat ??? LOL

9 Sep, 2008


Pollyanna ~ I love your atitude on life and your family is just lovely. I love Vancouver/Victoria and go often.
I too got a tattoo when I turned 40. I have a pink dolphin on my right ankle, and yes it hurts like heck to get tattoos on bone. That's the only one though.

9 Sep, 2008


Yep - Joe was one-of-a-kind and he did love you!!!!!!
I know that for sure.
And Mindy is gorgeous - a good mix of both parents.
No Gloria, you can't take all the credit!!! ha ha lol!!!!
And Fin.....................well, just ask Gloria about Fin, she'll tell you and.........................................yawn, yawn.................and the beat goes on and on.
Fin is priceless but he's not into the "terrible two" yet!! Just wait - they're all handfulls at some point - even in adulthood!!! as you well know!!!

21 Sep, 2008

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