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Just spent nearly 2hours,and precious MB’s,( limited use with a Dongel) trying to load 7 pictures each time some(different ones)were missing!!!It has happened to me before…..has anyone else had this problem?I’ve given up.(:0(((((

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Not actually had any missing but have found some appearing twice which means I have to then mess about delating them. It's annoying isn't it?

14 Oct, 2012


If you explain what you are doing Poppy, we may be able to help you?

14 Oct, 2012


Well Drc,I do exactly the same on each photo sometimes I get the HTP//......whatever it is,and it doesn't show the photo when I preview it.I've tried deleting that and redoing it and it SOMETIMES will come in on the end.Today the photo WAS there,then it wasn't and a red cross appeared in it's place!!!!

14 Oct, 2012


I had problems loading photos a couple of days ago .....loaded quickly, but the first 3 I put up had been repeated several times & instead of 3 there were 21! I had to go back & delete all the copies, which was time consuming. All the photos after those first three, went up fine, with no repeats. Hope you manage to get it sorted.

14 Oct, 2012

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