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A visit to my favourite nursery


What lovely weather we’ve been enjoying. I can’t believe it’s October. I decided to take myself off to one of my favourite nurseries near Ashford. It was their final open day of the year, so I couldn’t miss it. It was a lovely drive, beautiful scenery. I stopped just outside the village of Bethesden nr Ashford and took a few photos.

I rather like this tree. I wonder if they will have one like this at the nursery…???

If only China was here, we could go for a nice walk.

The nursery is very near now, only another mile to go..

Now what was it I came for…oh yes that was it a tree, but which one.??

So much choice, greenhouses and greenhouses, just some of the selection of plants on offer.
I couldn’t fail to be seduced by the large specimen plants. Such good value for money, how much will I save us? How can I put this to OH?? well never mind, work to the principle ’it is much easier to be forgiven than to gain permission ….ha ha..!! I spent at least two lovely hours looking around and slowly filling a trolley. The best kind of dilemma, should I have this or should I have that. I really must cover that fence.!!

Such beautiful large specimens. This enormous Acer will set you back £300. So how many would you like??

Well silly not to take advantage of such lovely specimens at really reasonable prices. I wish I hadn’t bought that japanese acer for £20 at the garden centre. The ones here are twice the size and priced £25. Nevermind maybe I’ll get that 6ft camellia instead for just £30!! much, much cheaper than the garden centre.
Only problem now is can I get all these plants in the car??? – I’ll finish up now, I got my tree, the one I had in mind Betula jacquemontii, but if you want to see what else I bought you will have to wait for my next blog, back home.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you want to visit this nursery they have an extensive online catalogue and visit garden shows all over the country. The dates are published on the site. Their address is

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Gorgeous Acers!! Your blog has made me itch to visit the GC but no point as I still haven't gotten around to planting the bulbs I picked up last week :)

3 Oct, 2011


wow! lovely blog ~ you got the tree i would like. have a look at anglesey abbey ~ they have them ~ gorgeous trees.

oh and that beautiful acer ~ perhaps i could afford a few leaves or a twig??

i do like that phrase
'it is much easier to be forgiven than to gain permission'
must remember that one!

3 Oct, 2011


That looks like a fantastic nursery Poppy. Oh, to have room for a tree.......Sigh.

4 Oct, 2011


Lovely Garden centre wish I could visit! - Cameillas a very good choice - I have them in a shadier part - A 6ft one sounds excellent - I keep watering it with waterbutt water. Sometimes we get a bit ripped off when we shop around - acers are great , I feel I need to mulch mine better , more acid

Happy buying :))))))))))))))))))))))))

4 Oct, 2011


Good readind this morning,P.Looks an interesting nursey.Now for the planting!!!!Speak later,J.

4 Oct, 2011


Looks like a really nice GC.

4 Oct, 2011


lovely acers poppy, and lots of lovely plants to :o)

4 Oct, 2011


Hello everyone, thanks for all your lovely comments. I wish I could take all of you with me to this nursery. All I have to do now is dig the borders and prepare them ready for planting. - Yes I know that's the wrong way around, but I had to get these plants before the nursery closed for the winter. Well that's my excuse. Bilbo I will send you a PM re your acers, you really must get one to grow! And Paul Ive got some smaller camelias. I always water them with rainwater, almost every day. It swells the buds up and makes them flower better. My problem is squirrels they nip the flower buds off. Had to resort to putting chicken wire around them. The little b.....s!

4 Oct, 2011


It's nice to visit a garden centre at different seasens. I liked the acers, and am glad you bought some plants. Why ask for permission. I believe in doing what you want and if anyone doesn't like it, well it isn't their life is it. Don't let people controll you.

5 Oct, 2011


Lovely blog Poppy, and great to have such a fabulous nursery not far away . . . thanks for the website btw. You won't regret your Jacqumontii - they are such graceful trees.

As you're a Kent lady, did you get to the Plant Fair at Great Dixter last Sunday (Oct 2nd)? There are often unusual plants at Fairs, and sometimes bargains too!

5 Oct, 2011


Yes I've been bitten by the Acer bug. They were all calling to little motto about easier to be forgiven than to get permission comes from the many years I worked for a large bureaucratic company. The lines of communication were very strict and very frustrating - glad I don't work for them anymore!
Sheilabub Thank you for your comment about the tree. I've seen them in other peoples gardens and just want something to break the big open skyline I now have. The white trunk will go beautifully with another shrub/ tree I got at the same time - the wedding cake tree.
It may be as well that I didn't know about the plant fayre at Great Dixter, but I will look out for it next year.

5 Oct, 2011


Oooh, the wedding cake tree is a favourite of mine too . . . Cornus Controversa Variegata??

5 Oct, 2011


Well you have such good taste Sheilabub!! - Carol Klein likes this one too - says it is her favourite tree in her garden. I bought a big one because its very slow growing. Ive just had a look at some of your photos and see you have one too! - love them

6 Oct, 2011



6 Oct, 2011

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