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A day out at Wisley- Part one


I met up with Willinilli early Sunday morning and we set off for Wisley together, excited about the day ahead. We had been planning it for weeks, because we were interested in the ‘Grow your own’ demonstrations and talks being held over this weekend. As it turned out we experienced very little of the ‘grown your own’ information on offer but had a really brilliant day out anyway. When we first arrived, we were both in need of a cup of coffee. The grounds of Wisley were already filling up with lots of visitors and gazing out of the window of the restaurant as we sipped our coffee, we could see one of the reasons why. I had completely forgotten the Spring plant fair that was also being held that day, so this was a nice surprise and that was where we started our day.

The daffodils really shone out in the sunshine

A fat little robin, hopped around giving us a lovely welcome

And I had fun, having a tip-toe through the daffodils – or is that another different song?
Very soon we saw what we were after -

All manner of nice goodies were waiting for us inside

Here I am with my first purchase of the day – an erythronium x tuolumnense Susannah

After alot of browsing and plant hunting we sat a while for a little rest.

We were really facinated by this really knobbly old tree….

Im sorry I didnt get the name of this – does anyone know what it might be?
By this time it was nearly lunchtime, we hadnt explored any of the garden yet and there was so much more to see. We made our way up to the new centenary glasshouse. Im not going to include the photos I took in there on this blog as there are so many, so will put them on seperately. We could have spent the whole day just in there!
The next part of our day was a bit of a disapointment. We had intended to go to one of the talks entitled ‘grow your own’ The morning talk had been cancelled by the speaker intended, so Charles Dowding was due to talk again in the afternoon. We arrived at 2pm for the 2.30 talk and were sadly turned away as the room was already full :((. Oh well what else is there to see?
We didnt have to look that far:

We found the demonstration vegetable/allotment garden. Not much seemed to be going on there. We were alot more interested in the alpine greenhouses and outside areas

Does Willi look disapointed to you?
There were lots of little treasures inside the greenhouses. Sorry I did not make a note of the names but most of them have readable labels:

There were some real beauties in there. There were quite a few trough gardens outside too but a little early for the flowers

By this time I was wondering how we were going to fit in all the other things that were of interest in the garden. I really wanted to go to battlestone hill. There was a notice at the front of the garden that the magnolias were looking particularly at their best – we cant miss those. This blog is getting a bit long so I will do a seperate one for that, dont want you to get bored!
The container garden had some interesting features. Its in the model garden area, to give people ideas for smaller gardens. Here are a few that we particularly liked:

! gazebo was made from living trees bent over to form a beautiful structure. I dont know what the trees were, it did not say, no labels, but you could probably do it with quite alot of ornamental trees? – answers on a postcard please….. lol. The potted/container garden was interesting as they had used cornus twigs around the edges of the pots to give a ‘caged’ effect, which I liked.

This area also had some particularly lovely shrubs, all in flower:

Sorry I missed the picture of the living gazebo – so here it is:

Time for another rest?

Just a few other random photos.
The bonsai trees, newly moved

A cloud pruned ilex. (They had two!)

I had to include a picture of this little beauty. Ive just bought one and I know a few other GOY members have one of these too – Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai.

What a beauty, but sorry no idea how old it is. In the ground they are capable of growing up to 8ft. I am keeping mine in a pot and hope it wont grow as large. But they are slow growing anyhow, so lots of years of enjoyment to come, I hope.

This is quite a well known view of Wisley, looking back towards the long walk and their wonderful herbaceous borders. They are a sight to see…. in the summer, only a few months…

This is one of the newer cafes/tea shops. As you can see it was heaving with people at lunchtime. As the day wore on the garden emptied a little. There were not so many people around and we decided to round the day off with some coffee and cake.

Well where had the day gone it was by this time 5.30pm. We had arrived at 10am after an hours drive, the day ended too soon. So back to the car, after collecting our purchases, feeling happy and tired.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and didnt find it too long.

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What a lvoely day out! thanks for sharing it with us!
Love that old tree..looks like people carved into it..i have a friend who paints things like that..people in trees and rocks etc..

26 Mar, 2012


It was a truly good day out Pix. Nice company provided by Willi too. We're doing a bit of a plant marathon this year and its coming up to the busy time! - Cant wait! Your friend sounds talented. We found a really lovely white barked eucalyptus tree on battlestone hill. Willi had to give it a quick hug!

26 Mar, 2012


What a lovely tour and what a lovely day you had. Thankyou for sharing it.
On outings like this I just want everything I see. It's not good for the purse! But it's good for the soul to see such beautiful gardens. And I see you didn't come back empty handed!

26 Mar, 2012


I really enjoyed your trip to Wisley. You both had a wonderful day. I have been there a couple of times and always enjoy it. Love the alpines - well love it all really.

26 Mar, 2012


lovely blog, great photos, im glad you had such a good time, i dont think you would have had time for that talk!! i loved the trilliums, the bonsai and lots of others, including the cakes!

26 Mar, 2012


love the pics PoppyL very pretty pictures of the flowers and I always like rockery planting - nice to see a couple of pics of yourself too :)))))) love that tree and look of the cake ;))))

26 Mar, 2012


Yes Oj you are right about the purse, but all in a good cause eh! You should really do the garden in different visits but it was Willinillis first time there and I wanted her to get a taste of it all. Hope she's recovered today.
Its so funny Sticki, I didnt really miss the talk at all. When I took the photo of the refreshments I was thinking of you! It has become a tradition for us now - coffee and cake mmmmm!
Ty Paul, I took so many pics, its a wonder I dont have a big white band across my face! Glad you enjoyed them though :)))) Thanks also about the comment on pics of Willi and I. I put them in because I really like it when other Goy members put pics in of themselves. It makes it seem more personal and you are sharing the experience with them. We were not being vain - honest!

26 Mar, 2012


"I had to include a picture of this little beauty. Ive just bought one and I know a few other GOY members have one of these too – Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai."

I am def having one of these. :)

Is the gnarled tree a Redwood ?

26 Mar, 2012


What a cracking day for the pair of you, I`ve always wanted to visit Wisely and after enjoying your blog its made me realize just what I`ve missed, so thanks for sharing and shall look forward to more pics.

26 Mar, 2012


I'm glad you enjoyed your day. It looks an interesting place.
I would have loved to see those cacti :o)
I keep my Kojo no mai in a pot aswell. It doesn't seem to mind.

26 Mar, 2012


Fascinating to see the Narcissus with a huge trumpet and tiny petals being given so much TLC, as we find them growing wild here. What a lovely day you both had! :o)

27 Mar, 2012


Pimp Im always encouraging you to buy more plants, but this one is just beautiful. It would be one of my dessert island must haves!
Thanks Stroller, its nice to see places you wouldnt otherwise go to - a really good thing about Goy.
Hywell I knew you would like the cacti. They are always so impressive when you see such large specimens as these.
Nariz the alpine house is my kind of 'sweetie shop' How lucky you are to have those daffodils growing wild.

27 Mar, 2012

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