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Hampton Court Flower Show


Hampton Court, for me, will be the last flower show visit this year. It’s probably the nearest in distance and in my opinion; always the best. It was especially good this year due to the company of two old and dear friends. I hasten to add old as in terms of how long Ive known them rather than their age! ( I had to say that as one of them was Petaltracey a fellow ‘Goyer’ who some of you may know) – lol nervously. Petaltracey also deserves my thanks for organising the coach trip tickets which made the day slightly shorter but stress free as we didnt have to worry about transport. The coach trip was made more enjoyable by the ‘little touches’ provided by the lady organiser. For example a packet of biscuits was handed out when we stopped for a coffee. A couple of rounds of sweeties were handed out. We were treated to some jokes that either made us laugh and sometimes groan. On the way back, we even had a flower themed quiz!!

We sadly didnt really do very much of all that was on offer. We were far too concious of getting back to the coach on time and we had to make time to go back on the boat! An absolute must!!

When I got home I noticed I had taken over 100 photos! That was a surprise as I hardly took any in the afternoon – I had photo fatigue!

I wont put them all on here, it would be far too long and you would all be asleep by the time it was finished. Here are a few highlights of our day:

First stop was the Roses and Romance marquee:

I expect many of you saw it on the Hampton Court programme televised last Friday. I found this marquee enchanting. The mix of roses and beautiful prints of paintings was exquisite. There were even some beautiful pieces of poetry included:

The David Austin stand was superb – as always. The highlight for me was this gorgeous arch of ‘Bobby James’ roses. Its quite rampant – apparently.

but this was just one end of the marquee. So where shall we go now girls?

Ahh here are some old friends, I used to know and Petaltracey still visits. SEFlowers one of my wholesalers from Floristry days had a stand here with some rather lovely displays.

Then there was more – a whole stand dedicated to floral masks

Then there were competition entries. I think it was a literary theme. I wont include all the photos but this was my favourite – ‘The lady of the lake’

There was so much detail in this exhibit. I could have spent alot longer just looking at this!
Cant leave the rose marquee without mentioning the rose of the year for 2013.
Its a patio rose named ’You’re beautiful’ It did have a light scent, not very strong though.

Then onto some outside gardens
This one was lovely. Its called ’ The Italian job’. I kept looking around for Michael Caine but he wasnt there and he didnt say ‘I told you, just blow the b****y doors off’!

The pleached hornbeam was fab. Didnt they have this in the Laurent Perrier garden at Chelsea?

This garden was called ‘Bridge over Troubled water’

Then we bumped into Rachel, doing a bit of filming in a garden I think was called ‘The contemporary garden’

The large white agapanthus were fantastic!

Next for fans of sedums, isnt it amazing what you can do?

We spent another couple of happy hours in the floral marquee. Some photos of the highlights:

Alliums, I can only dream of growing and – Such beautiful orchids:

I would love to have this giant glass agapanthus in my garden but I have to admit I dont have quite enough room.

I know I couldnt afford it anyway! even these smaller flowers were £100 each!

They were rather lovely though. Oh well you need to dream dont you?

This was sadly most of what we had time to see. We did do a rather quick visit to the community gardens designed by Chris Beardshaw in conjunction with Spadework a charitable organisation for people with learning difficulties. Loads of people were sitting, just taking in the view.

However, for us there was just time to fit in an old tradition;

Yes a glass of Pimms and some strawberries and cream to accompany. Mmmmmn yum.
That’s Petaltracey on the right!
Then all too soon it was time to take a boat trip back down the river to get us back to the coach and make our way home. – What a day, when can we do it again?? ….

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oh thank you poppylover, i hadnt seen any of hampton this year, it looks lovely ~ you are a great tour guide, love the pimms and strawberries at the end too.
looks like lovely ideas, plants and lots of space to move round in.

9 Jul, 2012


Thanks Sticki. I love doing little mini tours on Goy, it helps me relive the experience. I could do with a top-up on the Pimms though lol. Its just like going to a big garden party.

9 Jul, 2012


AND you seem to have sunshine!!!! yes photos are so good for re-living arent they!

better than a big garden party i think!!

9 Jul, 2012


Wow, and wow again. Fantastic blog Poppy. I haven't seen any of Hampton this year either, so appreciate all your photos. Lovely, really enjoyed it.

9 Jul, 2012


We were soooo lucky with the weather. A big black cloud threatened us half way through the day and then it happily went away... phew. The best day to go is the first day (members day) Tracey and I used to stay until we were literally thrown out, by which time alot of famous faces were coming in over the bridge for the evening charity event. We had such fun, nudging each other and spotting people we knew from the telly etc.

9 Jul, 2012


Thanks Cinders, glad you enjoyed it. This blog doesnt really do it justice. I could have stayed there all weekend and still not have seen it all - unless they threw all the people out and we had it all to ourselves lol!

9 Jul, 2012


there ought to be a special ticket for the all-nighters!!!

9 Jul, 2012


Such a lot to see. It must have made a lovely day :o)
I liked those Sedum animals lol

9 Jul, 2012


Now there's an idea Sticki - that would be fab! ;-))))
Hywell, its so huge. Impossible to see all of it. I liked the sedum animals too, especially the chickens!

9 Jul, 2012



more chance for cake and pimms!!!

9 Jul, 2012


;-) Sticki, so typical of you to think of your
The food there is pretty good though. I had a really nice wild salmon salad for lunch with a new potato salad with minted creme fraiche dressing and wild rocket....yum!

9 Jul, 2012


oooooooh poppylover, you definitely know how to enjoy yourself!!!

will you please take on the job of tour guide which includes organising the meals and snacks

well i think it was your photo that started me off!!!!

9 Jul, 2012


wonderful tour thank you.

9 Jul, 2012


Lol Sticki, you know I dont need much encouragement when it comes to food! add some Pimms and well......!

Thanks Denise - it was just a little taster really:-)))

9 Jul, 2012


'a little taster'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 Jul, 2012


Lol, splutter, hic Sticki ;-))))))

9 Jul, 2012



9 Jul, 2012


No more Pimms for PoppyL, sounds like she had enough!
"your Beautiful" is rose of the year 2013 & aren't them "Large white Alliums" Agapanthus?
Honestly Pops, I've told you one bottle is enough! Lol.

Great pics PoppyL, just love the sedum animals, hope you found out how to do them.
You were so lucky with the weather. On the tv programmes they kept talking about all the rain.
I thought the TV coverage was great, so much better than Chelsea.

I take it you dont want to go to the Flower Show at Loosely Park then or Wisley Or Hyde Hall??????? Lol.

9 Jul, 2012


Love your garden shows!
Brilliant blog, LOVE the outdoor gardens especially!

10 Jul, 2012


A lovely day! - and the sun shone for you! I hear that's a great rarity in Britain these days?

10 Jul, 2012


Brilliant blog Poppy I loved the Roses and Romance marque and that interpretation of the Lady of the lake was stunning.
I bet you could have a go at those sedum animals, you can get chicken wire animals for topiary that you could use.
This show is definately a must see for next year, thanks for the tour.

10 Jul, 2012


Willi thank you for the corrections. I will alter the blog to say agapanthus, you know how I get when Im excited - lol! I could have gone for a jug of Pimms, (I wasnt driving) Yeah you might be right about Wisley and Hyde Hall but being pedantic - aren't they Plant Fayres?? :0)))) We must have a go at doing some of those sedum animals!

Lil you would love the flower shows. The south-east is so near to London. It would be a shame to miss them! When you finally get the money for the ticket over, make it July and we would have a ball!!

Thank you Nariz, you're right about the weather. I fully expected it to rain, but then again, I think we are all responsible for making our own sunshine - sometimes I manage to! lol

Stroller you are such a lady after my own heart! I will probably have a go at doing a chicken with what else but chicken wire! Glad you enjoyed the tour

10 Jul, 2012


Lovely photographs. Thank you so much for sharing your visit with those of us who cannot travel now.
Have added to my Favourites.

10 Jul, 2012


Consider it a date Poppy :)))

10 Jul, 2012


No no PoppyL, If you check out the websites.......

Loseley Park Garden Show 20-22 July

Hyde Hall Flower SHOW 3-5 Aug

Wisley Flower SHOW 5-9 Sept

Oh well if Hampton was your last show I will have to be Billy no mates & go all on my own :-(

I think we should start with a Sedum Tortoise, just for practice! Lol.

10 Jul, 2012


What a great blog Poppy, I'll get there one day...and stay overnight too...I'm determined, looks much better than Chelsea and not such massive crowds....fantastic:-)

10 Jul, 2012


i went once quite a few years ago so it was probably a saturday but even then there was room to move around and places to sit!!!

10 Jul, 2012


Lovely pics, and yes the roses were glorious. I was at Hampton Court this year for the very first time - on the Thursday. The weather was just great. Perfect for a stroll round a garden show which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Pimms was pretty good too!

10 Jul, 2012


Didnt mean to offend you Willi. Keep your hair on, of course Ill come with you!
Diane its a shame you cant travel, but if you did manage to get some kind soul to take you, I think you would be pleasantly surprised. Its a very wheelchair friendly show.
Lil, its in my diary for next year!
Sticki, yes even though we went on Thursday (first day open to public) it was breathable. So nice... I would love to be at one of these shows at the sell-offs though.
Keithsmum - you were there on the same day as us. Glad you found time to take pleasure in a Pimms - belated cheers!

10 Jul, 2012


Yay Lil you can stay at mine, we'd have a ball, Lol.

Its ok Pops I've stopped weeping now, you know how sweet & sensitive I am!

10 Jul, 2012


Just like me Willi!!

10 Jul, 2012


Lovely blog Poppy. Stunning displays. Thanks for sharing!

10 Jul, 2012


you're very welcome Sheilar :-))

10 Jul, 2012


Think we would Willi, once we were released from jail ;)))

10 Jul, 2012


I cant travel now because I acquired Patello Femoral Instability Syndrome. A coach firm sent a small vehicle because they only had 10 bookings. I still say the tyre pressure was wrong, as it bumped and banged all the way from Kettering to Eastbourne. When we got there I was crippled. A passenger said he thought the coach had square wheels ! Struggled around for 4 days with my walking stick. People stopped me in the street and said " Have you come here alone ?" Just dont want to risk it again by travelling.
Gardening has been a struggle for 3 months, my knees would not support my body weight, always have to have something to hold onto. Seems its something athletes suffer from. I got Fortuna Neoprene Rubber knee supports from the Pharmacy, which attracted blood to the injured areas, and started the healing process.
Its much better now, I am hoping to go for a two mile field walk tomorrow to get my confidence back.

10 Jul, 2012


Oh Diane! - what a horrendous experience, no wonder you need to build your confidence back up, before walking on your own. Lets hope the field walk helps, its the only way to get over these things. Ill be thinking of you tomorrow.

10 Jul, 2012


Thank you for your kindness Poppylover. This is why I enjoy Goyer's contributions of photographs to the site so much. Am collecting them on my Favourites to make an album. A Betterware brochure came through my door yesterday. I see they have the Neoprene rubber knee supports with magnets - do the same job but cheaper.
The main thing is to keep gardening, as it keeps one healthy and provides all day interest when one is older.

11 Jul, 2012


Ill second that Diane :-)))

11 Jul, 2012


I enclosed the information about the Neoprene rubber as it may help other gardeners. I wasnt advised to use it, just found the various supports on the Pharmacy wall, and it worked for me. I broke my right wrist twice, it ached for years. I tried the Wrist support, the aching has now stopped. Should have bought 2, as it needs washing !

11 Jul, 2012


Well done Poppy - A great blog! I've been really busy since we got back and haven't down loaded my pictures yet. Perhaps this evening... Did I miss the pink Pussy cat?? She looks purrr-fect doesn't she? The Lady of the Lake was stunning too - reminded me of the Lady in Lord of the Rings! It was a shame our visit seemed so short... but never the less it was a very enjoyable one :o)))))

11 Jul, 2012


Just caught up with this, ever 100% gone into the blog......The garden with the "bridge" was a fav of mine........thinking"just where can I put it"!!!!!!!......the sedums are so cleverly done and the alliums to die for!Thanks for giving us a superb insight into the show.....feel I've been there with you.x

11 Jul, 2012


Awww bless you Meadow. I wish you had been there with us - maybe next year??

11 Jul, 2012


Thinking about it.Just about to PM you!

11 Jul, 2012


Thankyou for sharing your visit Poppy...

14 Jul, 2012

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