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Mr Bertie


My garden pictures can’t hold a candle to all of yours, so I am going to write my blog about my dog Bertie.
He is a Fox Terrier, he is 4 years old, really stubborn, very naughty, and 100% adorable.

Bertie enjoys gardening….mostly digging, and hunting for rodents.As yet he hasn’t actually caught any, but you never know, and hey, I brought him up to be a pasifist anyway ! ! !

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Bertie is BEAUTIFUL ... :o)))
looking forward to lots more pictures and stories about your wonderful Wire Fox Terrier :o)))

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25 Sep, 2013


Hello Bertie yes a big 100& and more adorable.

When I was a child we had a black poodle called Curly but a real scruff to look at him but adorable to and my dad's friends dog was same as yours Potting shed our dog and friends dog was best pals.

I used to push my dog in my dolls pram instead of a doll and he loved it.

25 Sep, 2013


He is gorgeous. I had one just like him as a child he went everywhere with me all I had to do was push him as he had wheels!
I always think my garden looks better in photos than it actually is, so why not dip your toes in and show us your garden.

25 Sep, 2013


Oh thank you all for your lovely lovely comments about Bertie. I shall look forward to sharing his antics with you......and for you not to think me totally mad x

25 Sep, 2013


That is the only sort of dog I ever managed to draw well enough to see that it was supposed to be a dog, so definitely a soft spot for them. Good on 'yer Bertie! He stands like a show dog - is he a prizewinner?

25 Sep, 2013


It would be nice to see some photos of your garden. It isn't a photography competition, so it doesn't matter what they're like :o)
Mine are not very good, but I enjoy showing them ...

Bertie is lovely :o)

26 Sep, 2013


Awww! What a lovely dog. He is so adorable with those sun shades How cool!!

Please show us some of you photos of your garden which is clearly visible (and shows you are good at it too) from these photos of Bertie!

26 Sep, 2013


Your lovely comments have made my day.Thank you so much. I will put some garden ones on too, now I've been encouraged, or as snoop dog says "just snap the good bits"!!
Bertie does stand like a show dog ( or do I mean show-off?) and has a good pedigree, but he is just our pet and we have never shown him.
Steragram said it was the only type of dog he could draw that came out right, I always think they look like old fashioned dogs, like something out of an Enid Blyton novel, as if they should be chasing along beside the Famous Five on their bikes on a jolly jaunt !!

26 Sep, 2013 are right! Or a Tin-Tin dog (Snowy).

30 Sep, 2013


Not "came out right " Pottingshed, but so you could see its meant to be a dog - there's a big difference! They are really like two little boxes, one for the head and one for the body, which makes it simpler than something difficult like a red setter! Yes, they do look very jolly.

1 Oct, 2013

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