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Is Spring in the air?


For the last little while, we’ve been having some very lovely warm temperatures. For our region/area that is…. But as the weatherman says: Don’t make a mistake, tis still winter. Yet some of us, must have some spring fever at least? I have them as well. Yesterday, I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast and decided, that I would just do, what I did before I started to have breakfast in the morning, together with me hub. Just have a cuppa of cocoa and have my brunch when I come back.

Problem wasss, that when we got to where my husband’s station isss, the smells from one restaurent was just killing me. So I went inside and started out by ordering some toast and jam and a coffee, take out please. I turned around to just look around me, when I noticed a number of people have the what I call: the lot… I turned back to the lady, who was toasting my bread, when I asked whether they would do take outs of… and I pointed to the various people enjoying their breakfasts. Oh yes, I could have some too. So I placed the order and within a very short time, I had my order ready and headed for the car.

aaah, it was, just wonderful when I reached the nature reserve, where I daily walk our Tipper. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a wind anywhere to be felt and the sun was warm. It was only just about 9am.

aah, but I soo enjoyed just having a breakfast outside in nature. Without a sound of a car or a person around me. I heard the Chickadees calling their name. I heard the newly arrived Red Cardinal and I while I was munching away on my bacon and eggs, slightly over, with my coffee, I was looking to see if there already were some brave woodpeckers around. Not a sound was heard from them. But I could smell the wet grass underneath my feet.

I can’t believe myself. Born in the tropics. 5 degrees below the equator and here I was, a tropic-child, in what still is winter, breakfast underneath a sunny and blue sky!

No sighs outside yet, that spring is around the corner. But am sure, that before long, it will be here.

I am ready for you, Ms. Spring. I have my first page written in my gardening journal.. tis for our front entrance. Hub has to take the wall apart and that means re-laying some of the brick…and sooo, I will make my centre insert… meaning there will be a tiny part in which I will have some plants and there will be smaller tiles, so that the chips of broken bricks will be replaced by smaller and scentier plants… oooh! I CAN’T Wait for SPRING!!! am READY!

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Powderbrush, you're living proof that Spring fever does exist, I know how you feel. Here in Britain it comes and goes, just when you think it's Spring, it snows again. always thought that where you are the arrival of Spring is more reliable. ps, any pics? Who/what is "Tipper"

10 Mar, 2010


Lovely blog Powderbrush :-)
I think i've got spring fever too, i'm 'willing' it to hurry along a bit and yes ..... like you, am definately READY !!!

10 Mar, 2010


ah, Tipper is a dog. she is in human years, 91 years old or rather young. because even she is feeling the spring as she is much more alert, walking around with ears pointed and has started her old habit, of nudging my hand(s) when she passes by me. Sometimes, just turning around to nudge my hand or fingers, with her wet nose. a Sign I have come to understand that she is at her happiest and most content! In dog years, our Tipper is 13 years old and so as I have heard Eastern Canadians say: in her 14th year. I thought, the first time I heard that, a very lovely way of looking at life.

Yes Louise1, I believe, that I must have springfever. As am raring to go into the garden and make my rounds around all my favorite nurseries in the region. I drive miles and miles out of my way, to reach these nurseries. Simply because they are family run nurseries. Many are now my age as well and running it with their children, who are the ages of my own sons. I like to see a business go down the generations and thus having continuity.

These nurseries also have the sort of plants the general ones, don't have and I always find plants there, which I don't find in the ones, which are opened by grocery or hardware stores. Also the plants are not at all any more expensive and often I find very good buys in the country as well.

There are 2 in particular, which are in the country and the route to drive there, is just out of this world, nature and view wise. The lowlying hills of South Central Ontario, are like the hills in the South-Easern part of the Netherlands. And also a bit like northern Belgium. just before the mountain area of the Ardennes start. So I believe myself in familiar surroundings.

A gentle and peaceful landscape, with farmland and some cow and horse herds. aah, some golf fields as well. I know that at some point in Feb. there was some very very mild weather and the golf enthusiasts were out, practicing their long range hits. If they are called this way.

I am a truly, truly blessed person. I received a warpension at the age of 54 from the Netherlands and ever since then, I have made many many trips throughout the countrysides north, west and east of where we live. Always accompagnied by my dog Tippie. Ms. Tip, or Ms. Tipper as I call her.

Even having her around, is a blessing. She is so much fun to be with and she is a very intelligent dog. She can't help it.. part shepard and part lab. with a first class siffing-nose!

Our Tip has a very subtle way of communicating and she always makes her vet, smile about her. Whenever we step into the office, to take him a cake or fruit, in addition to the low fees he charges his clients/patients, he says, that in all his years, he hasn't had a dog-patient yet, who knew how to communicate in such a subtle way as Tipper does. I always remind him, that to make compliments within hearing of the receiver, is vying for bad behaviour. And we KNOW that when we talk about her, she DOES KNOW it TOO.

That our Tip still has paws, is a miracle in itself. Because of the long treks I make with her in the summertime, through the various different nature reserves, I look for and walk in. Always with a backpack, with goodies for myself and her. I always hope for a pond for her to swim in and a place for both of us to have a nap.

Both of us are looking forward for Ms. SPRING! We've suffered enough of the cabinfever this winter. and actually.... we've ONLY had a true couple of weeks as a winter this year. As we've had the mildest winter since 1986!

10 Mar, 2010


Golly, wish we could say the same :-(
Our winter has been the coldest in years and years :-(

Little Tip sounds a real joy, you are lucky to have such a sweet companion, Powderbrush :-)

10 Mar, 2010


I hope spring arives soon for you. The winter has been long this year. It will be nice to have the long days.

11 Mar, 2010

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