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Transplatation of Prunus at Shadowlands


Dear All,

Another brief missive, fresh from a fleeting visit to Shadowlands.

After a rather long train and bus journey, I set about the task of leaf raking. Of course a blower, or even a leaf vacuum is on the cards after my experience this year, but I have enjoyed the mindless repetitive nature of sweeping with a bamboo brush. After filling 15 80l bags and not even clearing the driveway fully, I thought it high time to attempt to transplant a Prunus located in the woods at the back to the front – having identified it as a good candidate on a previous visit.

All the books tell you to pre-dig the transplant hole, make sure you have clear access for transporting the plant, pre-watering the receiving hole and etc. Impetuous as ever, and with only half an inkling of what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it, I set at digging the thing up with a spade, and spade loads of eagerness. After a few shovels, things were going well. The soil was as I had hoped, very mulchy and soft – extremely rich. The thing was also not too deeply rooted, and after only about 5 minutes of grunt, wiggling, and sighing, the thing was up with a nice sized root ball, and surprisingly light. However, it was somewhat taller than I had anticipated. A few nips off the top made it manageable. I quickly realized going back through the woods with it the way I had come was simply not an option. Siddling across towards the concrete banking, and with surprising Herculean strength, I lowered it over the bank, and saved myself a lot of dragging and possible breakages.

A hole was quickly dug (note I had also impetuously ignored the Canon and not pre-dug it). However, within 10 minutes it had been sited, firmed in, watered, and looked ok. See the picture below. I’m up there in a few days and will stake it (under prepared again). But, as it is a Prunus of some sort, it should look really nice in the spring with fresh buds and lovely green shoots. It does not obscure any windows, or the sun from getting to the soon-to-be lawn area. Fingers crossed it takes ok, but I would be surprised if it didn’t.

On a slightly more depressing note, a local roofer came to give a quote for re-doing the whole roof (and it is large!). The way he placed a tiny ladder against the insecure guttering from the balcony, asailed the heights and was trotting around the roof was nerve racking, even more so when my wife said she was also having a look. Several remarks like ‘think of the children’ soon put pay to those ideas! The depressing bit was that although the quote (the third we have had) was the best, I realised that it really ought to be done.

Thanks for continuing to read everyone.

Regards, ptarotuos

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What a brave wife she was ... ready to climb up high to look at the roof.... !!!

Reading about your transplanting the tree, I wonder just how many of us do NOT do tasks "by the book"...

... very often when I'm working in the garden, I think "this is not really the correct tool to use"... "this isn't the right time of year to be doing this job"...LOL.

I hope your prunus survives the replanting... is there someone nearby to water it regularly... ???
... newly planted trees need much water in their first year ...

Nice blog... written in a very entertaining way... :o)

5 Dec, 2010


What a treat that will be to see the new buds emerging next season! Fingers crossed for you. Good job done there.

5 Dec, 2010


Fingers crossed for you aswell.

5 Dec, 2010


that cherry will look marvellous, great autumn colour too?

5 Dec, 2010


Well done , I hope all your efforts come to fruitition. :o))

6 Dec, 2010

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