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Wont need to water me garden its flooding hope fish stay i pond lol x

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Unbelievable, this rain - field's flooded opposite me cos the river's broken its banks (again), it's not stopped raining since bout 9 last night, and they've forecast thunderstorms this afternoon with possible 'torrential' downpours. Hosepipe's in danger of floating away...

11 Jun, 2012


Welcome to Goy Quackers, its the right place to be for armchair gardening..
Bamboo I`m thinking of donating my hosepipe to the waterboard, their need is greater than mine, I need a boat to get across the yard but at least its not in my home, although it gets dangerously near our front doorstep, I do feel for all those not as fortunate as us..

11 Jun, 2012


I hope your fish don't swim away :D

11 Jun, 2012


thankyou everyone, yeah it was a really bad day, We made national news Well Littlehampton did near me,. but we were luckier than some Expect we will still have hosepipe ban, so may just copy you Lincslass n donate to the waterboard...I was doggysitting my neighbours 3 dogs, kept popping in but they looked at the rain looked at me went bk to there beds bless em...Perhaps we will have a really long Indian summer make up for the bad start...

12 Jun, 2012


This weather is nuts! I've got central heating on! We haven't had the really severe weather up here but have seen news coverage, hope all damage is easily fixed and everyone is safe x

12 Jun, 2012


I've got the heating on too, and the thermostat's set on 15 deg, but it came on anyway...

13 Jun, 2012

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