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It has been about 6 years since I was on GOY. I had an accident in the garden and this led to complecations. I am now fed up with the TV to keep me company and with the help of a walking frame I intend to grow small plants inpots. my main interest is in Heucheras that I will grow in pots in a raised bed that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. I do not have any photos to send as the garden is overgrown and in a mess. I do look forward to seeing your photos and reading your blogs et. quech

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Nice to have you back and sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope you are back to full health.

Heuchera's are lovely and with all the different colours available you will get a smashing display.

23 Oct, 2022


Sorry to hear about your accident and wish you well with restarting gardening

I hope I'm not teaching egg sucking here, but Heucheras are vine weevil magnets and in small pots would be pure heaven for them. I only mention this because the only time I tried Heucheras, in open ground, they just got gobbled away by them so do take precautions

24 Oct, 2022


Welcome back Quech, I'm sorry about your accident, sounds as though it was a bad one, its good that you are now feeling better in yourself to the point that you want to get back into gardening, not surprised at you getting bored with the television, think they've lost the plot these days, too many reality shows..A raised bed sounds just the job for you to work at, if its high enough you can even sit down, I have a stool in my g'house, it helps a lot if I'm doing my potting up, same age as you so even though not in the same boat as you my knees and various other joints are often telling me off for thinking I can still work in the same way as I used to.. ...Lots of people only garden using pots for various reasons and the possibilties are huge, we had a gentleman many years back who was confined to a wheelchair, his displays were absolutely lovely, you certainly have a lot to choose from and will be spoilt for choice, I hope you do well,best therapy there is in my opinion, looking forward to seeing and hearing how you are getting on..Take care and enjoy...

24 Oct, 2022


Welcome back & we look forward to seeing your Heucheras in their raised bed. Good luck with your fresh start.

24 Oct, 2022


Hi Quech! Seems you've been having a difficult time - good for you being determined to keep on gardening! Maybe you've seen those plant troughs on legs that are designed for gardeners who need a bit of height for their work? A variety of Heucheras sounds a good idea - lots of scope for different shades and bits of space between for some bulbs. You'll find many members you remember from before your accident have drifted off to pastures new but as you can see there are some new faces as well.

24 Oct, 2022

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