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norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone send in some pictures of some realy colourfull flowers so i can do some glass painting with them please not to complicated though as there arnt many glass paints.thanx take care have a great weekend bye for now xx
ps wish me luck in my open gardenfor tomorrow xx lol




If I could work out how to send you photos, I would, but I don't know how to do it!

19 Jun, 2009


Sadly with a Dialup speed of about 25 kb per sec. I cannot even get on here for much of the time never mind post pictures.

19 Jun, 2009


goodluck tomorrow np. if there are any pictures in my plants profile help your self.

19 Jun, 2009


likewise, also would you not be better of going through your favourates and using them,goodluck with tomorrow,ihave a really nice red rose in my pics/nelly moser and a purpley rose

19 Jun, 2009


you only have to look in google images, theres millions in there..

19 Jun, 2009


good luck for tommorow np .. . . . . . .erm today I mean . . . .. .Good luck anyway it will be fine your gardens brilliant

20 Jun, 2009


i hoe u have a lovely day NP. enjoy all your compliments as im sure you will get loads...will look forward to the pics..
as for pics of flowers welcome to any of mine....

20 Jun, 2009


You can use mine too, Nosey. :o)

23 Jun, 2009


thanx everyone the open day went brilliant thats 2 mayers ive had in my garden.i gave 10 tiger prints to her charity and she wants me to do a sculpture in kings gardens which is thetfords public gardens so thats great.everyone got over £4500 for stnicolas hospice so thats even better and just for good measure i got another commission and the weather stayed good.
ps my green man will be on channel4 8pm property ladder snakes and ladders next week on the 3oth of june so now melly can see it as she was working on the origional date.take care my puters been down but im back bye for now x

24 Jun, 2009

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