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Runner beans


By Davefc

Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I have just started growing some Runner beans in a large container. I have some 10ft canes aranged like a wigwam and have trained my beans around some twine and they are shooting up fast. My Question is when they get to the top of the canes do I nip off the growing buds at the top or do I start training them back down again ?



give them a trim

19 Jun, 2009


Certainly pinch them out, and they will make lots of side stems which should also flower and 'fruit'. But if you are growing them in a container, don't forget that runner beans LOVE water and to be kept damp and will hate drying out (they will drop the flowers and the beans won't develop.) Here we can't grow them as it's too dry in summer, but good luck with your container. (How about some kind of drip irrigation?)

19 Jun, 2009


I agree that the main thing is to water them very well. ideally morning and evening every day. A really good soaking too. That is more important than pinching or not pinching.

19 Jun, 2009


i let mine get long then train them back.

19 Jun, 2009


Defo give them a trim. They will buch out.
I like to plany them in the ground but if space is a problem then pots are cool.

I like to dig a trench before planting and put some smelly horse pooh in or some organic compost from the bin. Then plant my seeds on top so they have some nutriance already ready to slurp up.
Good luck with them.

19 Jun, 2009

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