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common jasmin


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

hi all i have a common jasmin in container at front door have it 2 years just re-potted into bigger pot not growing very well up trellis and hardly ever flowers!! thought by re-potting wud help shud i plant in ground?wondering wud it do better really want to get the fragrance but nothing happening:~(



i would put it in the ground as it will be happier.

19 Jun, 2009


I take it you mean the jasmine which has fragrant white flowers any time now? This plant gets 30 feet by about 20 feet - if you've go the space for it, it'd do much better in the ground, and will flower much better too.
I don't know where you live in the UK, but in London, in south facing gardens, the potted version that's sold around Mother's Day time, as a houseplant, survives outside, is smaller and very fragrant, but it is rather more tender than the usual garden variety and does need a sheltered spot. I will shortly be cutting one of these "houseplant" ones back - it's been outside for five years, but again, on a south facing wall in a paved garden. Don't know if any of this helps you though;-)

19 Jun, 2009


thanks for ur answers Seaburngirl &bamboo i thought it mite be happier in ground yea tiny white flowers (when it starts to bloom) only ever flowered once lovelyfragrance i live N.Ireland plenty of rain lol will have to find good spot if it grows so big thanks:~)

19 Jun, 2009

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