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White spots with brown tips


By Rigga

United States Us

On the lower surfaces of several mature tree branches - and on several tree types - I have found many small white spots (2-5mm dia) that look like insect "eggs". Some spots have brown tips on them.
The trees are in a small clump of relatively dense bushes and shrubs and do not get a lot of sun.
I am not an greatly experienced gardener and I know nothing of trees!
Should I be worried?
What can I do about them?



this sounds like scale insect. they have a brown cap covering over the white eggs.

19 Jun, 2009


Thanks SBG,
I've just searched this site and found that soapy water is recommended - though I think I've caught it/them much earlier than the pictures I've seen here!

I'll update this question with what happens after I spray them.


19 Jun, 2009

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