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Has my established silver birch died?


By Kaz65

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I love the silver birch in my garden. We used to have 2 but last year we noticed that part of one had died & it was posing a danger to our neighbours greenhouse. Our remaining tree hasnt got any leaves on it at all. Should it be in leave by now?



Oh, definitely. I suspect that it's an ex-silver birch. Sorry. :-(

Try scraping a little bark off the trunk and see if the wood is green or brown underneath. If brown, it's dead. Also, the twigs would snap off easily - another test.

20 Jun, 2009


I believe that silver birch is susceptible to honey fungus. Could this be it do you think?

20 Jun, 2009


they are relatively short lived trees and susceptible to honey fungus.
the 2 we had died around the 45yr mark and honey fungus was the final nail in their coffin.
it is sad but all part of nature i'm afraid.

21 Jun, 2009

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