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When to apply lime

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I'm gardening in Gloucestershire and think the soil is severely depleted through neglect. When and under which circumstances do I need to apply lime?
Thanks for your help. Charlotte1



I think Autumn is the best if you are doing a large area, but a small patch on a garden can be done most times ,on a dull day with little wind and the threat of rain.Be careful of your eyes and wear gloves.

6 May, 2008


Applying lime is meant to prevent club-root in brassicas (plants in the cabbage family). Unless you are planning on growing these, you needn't apply lime at all. If you soil is depleted, organic matter - well rotted manure or compost - is the way to go!

6 May, 2008


Have you checked your soil's pH? You can buy a testing kit very cheaply. I am asking this as lime could actually do harm to the pH level. Sid is right. Good luck.

6 May, 2008

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