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Why has my Red Flower Carpet Rose turned Pink?

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It was bright red when in the pot which I kept it in for a year until the brick pillar was finished in which I wanted to plant it. It flowered in the 2nd year and was again bright red. I planted it in it's new home and it produced pink flowers! Its pink again this year, but I want the red back. Is this a common problem with this rose?



I don't know if its common with that particular rose, but certainly I've observed that lots of the new hybrids aren't the same colour as when bought after 2 or 3 years. My sister had a beautiful coral coloured rose, which then turned a sort of dull peach after 3 years. Very disappointing.

20 Jun, 2009


Yes and I had a pink rose, which is now coming up pale yellow!

20 Jun, 2009


Makes you wonder if its best to stick to the older varieties until the new ones have proved themselves!

20 Jun, 2009


what also happens is that some of the new varities throw off sports too, sweet dream was also a sport and was the uk's best selling patio rose for years.
i believe in your case pink flower carpet which was the parent to red flower carpet has started to revert back, but pink is also a wonderful bush so enjoy it.

20 Jun, 2009

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