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Poppy ID Please ??


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can any Member name this Pink Frilly Petaled Poppy 4 me Plez ? Many Thanx Jacxxx




I suspect its one of the paeony flowered hybrids from the Papaver somniferum group (the opium poppy) - don't know the variety name though.

20 Jun, 2009


Your so Right Bamboo :) Iv just Googled what u called it & its on there in the Peonys Poppies :) Thanx Bamboo X

20 Jun, 2009


We've got some identical ones coming up all over. It's amazing how these self seed year after year, and even with lots of single flowered ones about, the doubles come up repeatedly too.
We think they are beautiful flowers, even though they don't last very long.

20 Jun, 2009


Yes i agree BertieF ,I saw on Google if u cut the Complete Poppy Flower away from where its growing from itl Flower again ? Im going to give it ago when a flower has finished Flowering & see if its true! :)

20 Jun, 2009


so is this what thy call the peeney bush? my mum n everyones calls itby that name?

20 Jun, 2009


dont confuse this with the peaonies FG, this poppy is called a peaony type because the flowers look similar.
look at the pictures of peaony sarh bernhart in my photos and you will see what i mean.

21 Jun, 2009


I wont thanx SeaB :)

22 Jun, 2009

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