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I have never ever done any gardening/garden designing in my life and I need your expert help please!?? I live in a terraced house and have a horrible, nasty, scruffy back yard (16 feet wide by 13 feet length - approx). I am getting a builder in to level it all out (on 2 seperate levels) with a step in the middle. Either side of the step I am having a retaining wall which I will line and fill with plants / flowers. I am currently trying to make major decisions like what paving / brick to use. I have been to B&Q today and I am bamboozled by choice. I don't want the flags/paving to match as the back of my house is rendered (a 'butter' colour) and I don't want it to look too yellow/gold. I like the traditional garden look - nothing modern... Can anyone give me any advice / pointers on where to start. My budget for the whole thing is roughly £1200.

Thank you .

I have attached a photo of the shape of courtyard I am aiming for (but the brickwork all over the floor is out of my price range)




if your budget's 1200, I assume you'll be laying slabs or paving yourself? If not, have you had a quote from a builder or similar to do paving (of any description)? material costs might be different depending on what you use, but a ball park figure including labour should be possible. And is the work already being undertaken coming out of that £1200?

20 Jun, 2009


A good place to start would be and get a brochure which you can study at home. There's a planning tool on their website too.

20 Jun, 2009


Thanks - will check out Marshalls.

We are awaiting quotes from builders as I type but no we were planning on getting them to do the paving... We have just been to look at paving at B&Q... OUCH, I have expensive taste.
If this were our 'forever' home then I would spend the money but I can't see the point in spending the money on very expensive materials when we won't be here much longer. Yes - we want to spend £1200 on everything - with a bit more for plants and flowers.

20 Jun, 2009


Oh blimey, now I see why you're looking for cheaper options than paviours. Marshalls is certainly worth a look, but if you run out of money, would it be so terrible to just put a small area of grass till you can afford to do something else? This would definitely be by far the cheapest option, even if you include the cost of a small mower.

20 Jun, 2009


what prevents you from msking it lawn with borders, much cheaper and more satisfaction i think,ps.why doesnt grass flower?

20 Jun, 2009


I would actually prefer grass but there just isn't the room. We have storage in our back yard (bikes, tools etc) too - there just isn't the room for any grass unfortunately :-(

Marshalls was a great website - thanks for that.... think we're going to go with the bargain basement flags and splash out on gorgeous trellis, flowers, plants, hanging baskets etc.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

21 Jun, 2009


Sounds like a great solution. Don't forget to let us see some pics when it's done!

21 Jun, 2009


I will do - thank you very much. I have just had a stroll to my local market and they have some gorgeous things (very cheap) and a guy that will help me choose perennials.... and colour for summer (a bit like choosing clothes!)


21 Jun, 2009

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