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What to do with aquilegias after flowering?


By Katya

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Several years ago I was given some aquilegia seeds and aquilegias of various sizes from only a few inches to three feet tall are now randomly distributed round my garden. Most of the tall ones are clumped together at the front of a border. They have almost finished flowering and now look tired, the seedheads aren't especially attractive and they are very conspicuous. Should I cut them down or just leave them to soldier on till the autumn?

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No, cut them down, but leave any stems that aren't too bad to look at.

20 Jun, 2009


I collect the seeds first

20 Jun, 2009


I cut most down to leaf level but leave some to seed , because I want them either to spread naturally or sometimes to collect the seeds.

20 Jun, 2009


We cut them down to the ground as soon as the flowers are finished, but before the seeds are ripe. That way we do not have a million unwanted plants to weed out.

21 Jun, 2009


im the same as owdboggy, i have lots of self sown jobs that are pretty but i have to be ruthless and get some dug out as being too samey.

21 Jun, 2009

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