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Moving plants

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

hi again everyone, i was wondering if its possible in the future for me to be able to move all the plants ive planted,i understand i lift my dahlias after the first frost (will ask more on that later) but things like my campanulas(3 varieties) coreopsis,ixia,hosta,anemone blanda,geranium(cranesbill) helianthemums,i understand some are bulbs and id have to dig them up but is there a way to store them when there out the ground? also i have a really tiny shrub i planted about a month ago, could that also be moved, thanks for any help, its just im doing the garden and its proving to be a little costly and would rather take them with me when i move as apposed to buying it all again



you can always lift plants but not all take too kindly to it. they are all better lifed when dormant. [bulbs/corms are the exception lift when flowers have faded and there is still leaf . called 'in the green']

if you have to lift when in active growth take as much soil with them as possible so the roots have the least disturbance. put in a decent pot and keep well watered.

when are you moving ?

21 Jun, 2009


well im hoping i dont have to move for a good 8 months or more but gf's getting twitchy because theres 3 of us in a 1 bed flat+ a boxer,me personally i like the closeness, so far ive managed to get her to stay so hopefully will continue to do so,my hosta at the mo asnt come through yet, would it be wise to put it in a reasonable size pot now as apposed to moving it when its established?

21 Jun, 2009


i would pot the hosta up if its not moving. i grow most of mine in pots anyway as slugs have to work harder to get there 'teeth' into it.

21 Jun, 2009


thanks, ill go dig it up shortly as im having a garden day today,gonna go and dead head everything and tidy it all up a bit,remove weeds etc

21 Jun, 2009


The best time to move plants and shrubs is between October and March. When planting more plants/shrubs leave them in the pots, dig the pot into the ground, if you then move within the next year you can dig up the pots and plants.

21 Jun, 2009


cheers Doctorbob, sounds a much better idea,wish id have known when i planted

21 Jun, 2009

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