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How do you water a cordyline planted in a tub?

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Hi. I have recently purchased a 6 foot cordyline and planted it in a huge pot on the patio. How should I go about watering it? I have read these trees need very little water in the summer and require no watering in the winter . Is this the same for 'pot' growing trees?

On plant Cordyline australis



The water instructions you're talking about apply when the plant's in the ground. In a tub, it's dependent on you to supply its needs because it can't seek them out via its roots, being contained in a pot. If it's a large pot, it should hold more water in the quantity of soil, so water it, say, once a week, enough to soak it and for you to see water dripping from the bottom (I assume there are drainage holes in the pot so the excess can get out) more often if it dries out in very hot weather.

21 Jun, 2009


Place gravel for drainage in bottom of pot, holes too in bottom of pot like bamboo said do not over water it I would of said the same as Bamboo and spray leaves with water if you think they need it.

21 Jun, 2009


what compost is best for planting a cordyline

14 Jul, 2009


what is best compost to plant a cordyline in.

14 Jul, 2009

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