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why are leaves and buds falling off my standard rose


By Herbie

United Kingdom Gb

i purchased it last year and re-potted and it had a full bloom of roses however year there have been no leaves and the buds are falling off



does it need repotting again?
has it had enough water or possibly too much (if the drainage isnt working)

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21 Jun, 2009


I am always a bit worried when I hear of roses in pots! The only roses that thrive in pots are the small patio ones. Otherwise, they are much better in the soil. They like to be mulched in early spring with well-rotted manure, and fed through the season, as well. I don't think that this is feasible for a potted rose.

I would replant it in the garden, if you can!

21 Jun, 2009


I agree 100 percent with Spritzhenry. It's not doing well because it's in a pot.

21 Jun, 2009

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