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hi, I planted some garlic back in December (in a pot). I pulled it today and its tiny. should I leave it longer or expect it to be just tiny?
any advice would be very gratefully received.
Many thanks



Hi dorothyofoz I planted my garlic at the end of march and again a month later both in pots, according to the packet it said harvest in july when the foliage dies back and goes yellow like onions so maybe you should leave it another month. You do have to keep them well watered though.

21 Jun, 2009


thank you very much - much appreciated. I've put them back in with lots more fresh compost & do try to keep them well watered.
I'll harvest in July & see how they go!

21 Jun, 2009


I've just grown the best garlic I've ever grown in thirty years of trying. Why? I planted it at the end of September that's why. Spring planted garlic will never do any good as it doesn't have time to root properly and start growth before it's finished (June or July). If yours turns out to be tiny, just re-plant the cloves in the autumn at about six inches apart and keep them well weeded. By this time next year you will have some jumbo bulbs.

21 Jun, 2009

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