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Why are my veg all top growth and no root?

lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a new raised bed approx 18" deep with carrots, spinach, parsnip, beetroot and red onion sets, the spinach has been lovely but the rest are all lush healthy top growth but little growth below, the bed is contained in a netted cage so no problem with pests



Hi how long have they been growing?

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21 Jun, 2009


Root crops do just that! They make lots of top growth and then as autumn approaches they store their sugars and starch in the roots in order to flower the next year. (Biennials). So it would be surprising to have any real root yet on parsnips, or red onions, but depending on varieties of carrots, you might have some small roots by now. Otherwise just be patient, especially if they are growing well.

21 Jun, 2009


Another possibility is the soil is to rich- root crops prefer un manured general soil and any rich soil improvements can cause top grow, but no big roots. Bertiefox seems to be right with his answer

21 Jun, 2009


thanks for the tips, the soil is very rich with bought top soil and added compost, the seeds were sown in march, according to the packets beetroot should be ready now also carrots, but bertiefox is right about the onions and parsnips thanks again

21 Jun, 2009

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