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Will my clematis flower this year?

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Bought a clematis last year but the rabbit ate it, so I replanted it this year and( kept the rabbit well away) it grew really well, have now re-planted it in a larger pot and it has grown really well up a trelis however no flowers yet. Is this normal?



Depends what species it is. Clematis usually fit into 1 of 3 flowering/pruning groups and also if it flowers on old wood made last year (but not if the rabbit ate it!) or on this years wood. Any idea of species or name?

21 Jun, 2009


If its one of the Jackmanii hybrids, (they're group 3), these should be coming into flower now. They usually start end of June, early July, and are the latest flowering ones of the hybrid varieties. Hopefully, that's what you've got, so you will get some flowers. But the name would be good, then we'd all know when its supposed to flower!

21 Jun, 2009

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